Suning finance, Su Ningmei research will debut in Beijing golden fair graphic cryptography te ssport

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Suning financial research, Su Ningmei will debut in Beijing golden fair on display for the first time   graphical password technology — Finance — (figure for Su Ningmei research to develop graphical password display technology) twelfth Beijing International Finance Expo (referred to as: Beijing golden Fair) will be held October 27th -30, held in Beijing exhibition center. Recently, the reporter learned that Suning Suning will join the Silicon Valley Financial Research Institute (referred to as: Su Ningmei Research) debut in Beijing golden fair, show the financial results of scientific research. According to reports, the Beijing golden Fair will be hailed as the development of China’s financial industry weathervane, by the Beijing municipal government, a line of three will be in Beijing financial institutions, domestic and foreign experts and scholars attach great importance to the top. In this exhibition, Suning finance will work together to show the Soviet Union in the field of research in the field of third party payment – Graphical cryptography technology. Graphical password technology requires the user to set up a picture in the system in advance, one or more locations on the touch screen, or hand-painted graphics and other operations, the system is recorded and stored to the network server authentication. When the user next time to trigger the graphical password authentication, only need to verify the operation and the existence of the authentication user authentication password (operation information) consistent, can be verified. Su Ningmei introduced the research and technical personnel, products related to this technology will be applied to future Suning’s financial, user authentication mobile terminal including the lock screen, boot and other local acts, APP user login or specific behavior (such as mobile payment etc.) the user password authentication, or to visit a particular web site (such as online banking user login etc.) or specific behaviors (such as transfer, payment security verification). In fact, a large number of Suning’s existing financial products have been applied fingerprint authentication, face recognition and other technologies. The successful application of these technologies and Su Ningmei research are inseparable. It is reported that Suning United States Silicon Valley Research Institute was founded in 2013, is Su ningyun group Limited by Share Ltd in the world to set up its first overseas research institute. Su Ningmei research focus on the integration of online and offline O2O mode, focusing on intelligent search, big data, high-performance computing and other areas of cutting-edge technology research. Since its inception, research results of Ningmei research to promote Jiangsu Suning financial development. Today, Suning has become China’s leading financial O2O. "We will continue to rely on Su Ningmei research strength, from the most advanced Internet financial practice and the most advanced financial technology research, continued to force in the financial O2O, biometric authentication, artificial intelligence etc.." Suning finance relevant responsible person told reporters.     note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. (commissioning editor Zhao Shuang and Zhuang Hongtao)相关的主题文章:

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