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Suning R & D "Beijing September new network compass logistics system to build smart warehouse eleven – 29, double boost in the annual double eleven, as many as hundreds of parcels to be sent to the hands of consumers, speed has become the priority among priorities of major electricity supplier. Consumers are most concerned about the courier delivery, in fact, the core link is more accurate sorting and control of the warehouse link. General manager Su Ningyun revealed IT headquarters background service R & D center Chen Jian day ago, automation control system — the "compass" Suning independent research and development has a comprehensive on-line, intelligent warehouse distribution will be faster. According to reports, the efficient operation of the automated warehouse cannot do without an intelligent warehouse control system (WCS:Warehouse Control System), WCS system is a bridge connecting the service control layer and logistics equipment, analytical business layer issued instructions, dispatching automation equipment base. Generally speaking, WCS system is the intelligent brain of automated warehouse. In the past, Suning in Nanjing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, automated warehouse, nearly 1 billion 500 million yuan of equipment are integrated by the supplier to provide the system to control. For electricity supplier companies, this scheme not only high economic costs, operation and maintenance of long response time, but more critical is the WCS system integrators to provide the original is more oriented to the manufacturing industry, the lack of close to the e-commerce business, business flexibility and customization ability. In order to cope with the rapid development and upgrading of the Internet market, Suning start self research compass automatic control system". One can get rid of dependence on integrators, flexibility and autonomy to the cooperative design of hardware and software, Suning logistics business, on the other hand can quickly complete the continuous introduction of domestic and international advanced equipment and technology and integration. In July 2016, the "compass" trial operation in Guangzhou Suning logistics warehouse, during Suning 818 have a fever Festival, whether it is the performance of the whole system of warehouse operation and support capabilities, have achieved a qualitative improvement, has shown great advantages of the new platform, new architecture. The compass system uses innovative design and deployment scheme of modular and adaptable module flexibly choose according to the actual situation of automated warehouse, at the same time between modules remain independent, not only to fully protect the safety of the whole system, can make full use of system resources in the background. Compass system research and development of the industry to break through the current construction of automated warehouse hardware, light software cooperation model, rewrite the party in the industry rely on the purchase of WCS system established rules. During the double 11, Suning in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and more automated warehouse will also be synchronized on-line "compass", a smooth performance guarantee double eleven orders, and strive to let consumers quickly receive order goods. In the background of Suning logistics socialization operation, Suning warehouse automation hardware and software platform will enter the social mode of operation, the future Suning third party clients and even within the industry all automated warehousing, intelligent transportation and a variety of smart devices users can choose the compass system, automated warehouse upgrade to the wisdom of the innovation of the warehouse. In addition,.相关的主题文章:

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