Surface studio stunning release, HUAWEI mate9 Unicorn 960- Sohu Technology (video) crycry

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Surface Studio stunning release, HUAWEI Mate9 uses 960- technology Sohu kylin lunar September 27, welcome to today’s "E minutes", I am @ Yang Muchen. Microsoft’s 2016 conference held this morning to hold everyone’s appetite. The hardware of Surface Book of Microsoft increased the use of i7, the new SB latest processor, graphics card has become a GTX965M, but the size is basically unchanged, the weight of 70-130 grams. Official claims that the standard life time up to 6 hours, $2399 for sale. The most striking conference is Surface Studio, equipped with the sixth generation i5 Core i7 processor, equipped with 28 inches touch screen PixelSense ten 4500× 3000, the standard version is SSD GTX965M graphics card, 8G memory and 1T, priced at $2999. Surface Studio performance, design, function, everything is amazing, the only drawback is the price (Mei) lattice (Qian). But it is the most cool accessories Surface Dial. It has a diameter of 59 mm and a height of 34 mm, which can be directly placed on the Studio screen to press the button to select, zoom and switch. It is awesome! But more important than the hardware is a huge innovation in software, Microsoft and even the 2017 upgrade named Creators Update". There are 2 main points: VR, AR, holographic images, such as the creation and sharing of 3D features, and even PPT also provides the introduction of 3D elements. Players can get a good 4K game experience, but also to synchronize live games. Although the share of the PC market continues to shrink, but Microsoft does show the world a strong productivity innovation and industrial design standards. And Microsoft watches, especially WindowsPhone, probably has been completely abandoned it. Today, peppers Player phone released, equipped with the joint Fuck X10 processor, equipped with 5.5 inches 1080P screen, is said to take you into the virtual world. 4G store 64G storage space. Run YunOS, support for fingerprint identification, battery capacity 4000mAh. Most? Is open at the same time 8 WeChat and 8 QQ avatar avatar, can be said to be a liar MLM choice. The conference also pull the female sorrow TAKISAWA Laura to the site, the price of 2199. What kind of person would you like to buy? Just HUAWEI released the poster said November 3rd is new kylin 950GPU performance 180%, solid HUAWEI Mate9 will be equipped with 960 kylin rumors. And tomorrow is 28 in the morning at 1, Apple will release a new Macbook Pro. Like buddy tonight Betta room number 509790, 509790 and Yang see Apple conference together! Master..相关的主题文章:

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