Swindler impersonated the head of the company and the company QQ group chat to cheat teller’s remitt-misao

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The cheater pretended to be a boss and company QQ group network chat, cheated the cashier remittance 280 thousand yuan, the newspaper reporter (reporter Intern Cheng Jiayi), a cheater pretending to be the boss to join the company QQ group, after 20 days, he sent the instructions to the cashier for 280 thousand yuan, the cashier credulous. Yesterday, Ms. Cai called the Wuhan Evening News Hotline 82333333 to tell the public to be vigilant. Yesterday afternoon, the Wuhan evening news reporter came to the Huading Industrial Park of Gedian Development Zone, and saw Mr. Yao, the director of Wuhan Hengsheng Electric Power Automation Co., Ltd., Ms. Cai is the chief financial officer of the company. Mr. Yao said that more than 1 p.m. on August 2nd, less than 10 minutes, his mobile phone received 6 remittances and remitted a total of 280 thousand yuan. Mr. Yao immediately called the cashier Wang to inquire. He did not think of Wang’s answer: "you ask me to remit the money." Mr. Yao immediately alarm, police access to information, the money remitted to Huang Renzhong called a private account, crooks quickly turn away 275 thousand yuan. Mr. Yao said that after the incident, they went to the Gedian police station to make a record. Wang explained, in July 12th, a self called Yao people to apply to join the company’s QQ group, she thought the other is Yao general, and then approved the other party to join. In the next 20 days, "Yao general" has not spoken. At 1:36 in the afternoon of August 2nd, "Yao general" suddenly asked Wang to be a friend to him, and Wang took care of it. Two minutes later, "Yao general" on QQ asked her to check the amount of money available on the company account. Wang dare not neglect, immediately the screenshot passed, the book is only a little more than 30. "Yao general" said that the sum of 366 thousand yuan for a pen needs to be paid, and she wants to turn 280 thousand first. Wang did not hesitate to transfer 280 thousand to the designated account, and finally sent the transfer of the screenshots to the other. Mr. Yao said, before, the company for the convenience of cashiers to make money, the transfer of the transfer of the password told Wang. But when she asked for her remittance, she had to sign two of them at the same time, and Wang obviously violated the company’s operating procedures. They consulted the chat record on QQ, and found that a reminder was posted on the chat page at that time. "Friends are not in the usual environment now. If you talk about money transactions, please call or check videos. Wang is 24 years old, people in Huangpi district. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation of the matter.

骗子冒充老总加公司QQ群 网络聊天骗出纳汇款28万元   本报讯(记者商为智 实习生程佳怡)一骗子冒充老总加入公司QQ群,潜伏20天后给出纳发指令打款28万元,出纳轻信上了当。昨天,市民蔡女士致电武汉晚报热线82333333讲述此事,提醒市民提高警惕。   昨天下午,武汉晚报记者来到葛店开发区华顶工业园,见到了武汉恒盛兴电力自动化有限公司负责人姚先生,蔡女士是该公司财务总监。姚先生说,8月2日下午1点多钟,不到10分钟,他的手机收到6笔汇款提醒,共汇出28万元。姚先生立即给出纳王某打电话询问,没想到王某回答:“是你要求我汇款的啊。”   姚先生当即报警,警方调阅资料显示,钱汇给了一个叫黄任忠的私人账号,骗子得手后迅速转走27.5万元。   姚先生说,事发后,他们一起到葛店派出所做笔录。王某解释,7月12日,一个自称叫姚某的人申请加入公司的QQ群,她以为对方是姚总,便批准对方加入。此后20天里,“姚总”一直没发言。8月2日下午1点36分,“姚总”突然要求王某加他为好友,王某照办。   两分钟后,“姚总”在QQ上要求,让她查一下公司账上的可用资金还有多少。王某不敢怠慢,立即将截图传过去,账面上只有30万多一点。“姚总”说,有笔36.6万元的款项需要付出去,要她先转28万。   王某毫不犹豫地将28万转到指定账户,最后还将转账的截图发给对方。   姚先生表示,此前,公司为方便出纳打款,将转账密码告诉了王某。但要求她汇款时,必须要两位老总同时签字才行,王某显然违反了公司的操作程序。他们查阅了QQ上的聊天记录发现,当时聊天页面上已显示提醒,“当前好友不在常用环境登录,如聊到钱财交易,请打电话或视频核实。”   王某今年24岁,黄陂区人。目前,警方已介入调查此事。相关的主题文章:

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