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Taiwan Golden Horse Award: Oprah Tucao wanted to be a united front, the culture of the United Front anti – Sohu news observer network high Xueying [the] fifty-third Golden Horse Awards ended, one of the most important four awards (best director, best actor, and best drama) by the mainland. The awards ceremony is full of Beijing, Taiwan media a broken heart. Yesterday (28) evening broadcast of the "political" show host at FTV, Tucao said: are we awarded the award? In order to Tucao the Golden Horse Award, the Taiwan political program specially invited several guests collective fire, the theme is: to Taiwan, the culture of the United front! First of all, the host out of this section in the words: "," people "in the Golden Horse Award after the crazy message: the movie tomorrow belongs to young people, Taiwan tomorrow belongs to the mainland." Moderator exclaimed: Taiwan film and television industry can only be unified? Join the mainland investment variety, also say "why not boast without shame to earn foreign exchange" Taiwan artist Chen Yi, first published views: Taiwan so many department, "United Front" film award, and limit the mainland movie release, it is in their face". So there are two solutions: either all open, the united front end, or set up two awards: Taiwan "free area" and "the golden horse award the hardest hit by the fall of the Golden Horse Award", "closed" lock in the end…… She said, in fact, he is not to disapprove of mainland film awards, because before the return to the mainland "success, quite want to see the mainland people in dire days inspire how cultural and creative"…… Taiwan media people questioned Akira years Bell Awards for review are tricky. Because he believes that the Taiwan film director, screenwriter is better than the mainland. But Taiwan still lost to the mainland, mainly because the mainland rich. Money can not only shoot large, you can buy review: from the organizers to the judges, the Executive Committee, these people in the mainland there is no interest? If so, it’s hard to believe it’s fair." Moderator heard here is very excited, the initiative broke the news that he had served as a judge of the Asia Emmy Awards, found no finalists in Taiwan, was asked to re scoring, so that Taiwan finalists. He thought that such a thing could happen every game. Bell then went on to say that if there is no interest in the mainland and the review, that is, they agree with the mainland in the culture, the problem is very serious, in the selection of the evaluation should pay more attention to. Moderator: Yes, Jiang Jieshi had set up a golden horse award to the culture of the United Front, and who knows, but was for the United front…… "United Front" this theme is of course our old friend Cao Changqing. The program group specially established in the United States Cao Changqing, Mr. Cao appeared to deliver the goods, all kinds of Dazui guns: the Golden Horse Award obviously is a "black box operation", the Communist Party is so rich and buy judges is a piece of cake. This is not to provide opportunities for Taiwan, the culture of the united front? So he called Cai Yingwen: the government must promote the transition to the golden horse award! How to transform?.相关的主题文章:

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