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Taiwanese entanglements: fraternity seat, go or stay? – Taiwan Channel – People’s network of Taiwan mass transit vehicles, there are some dark blue seats, they are". The seat next to write "please give priority priority seat passengers in need", or to write "please give priority to give way to the elderly, pregnant women, the disabled and passenger carrying a child", and with the associated patterns. Taipei mrt map for love, often empty nobody dare to sit. (picture) Taipei Metro since September 2007 issued "fraternity identification sticker", there is a demand to the station information centres. Since 2010, Taipei city is also making good pregnant mothers in the bosom ", provide the mass transportation tool wear, to remind people to see the active seat. (picture)   in the eyes of mainland tourists, love the empty seat of the car is the most beautiful scenery of Taiwan, many people are still full of praise after a trip. It symbolizes the traditional virtues of love seat model, has recently suffered a lot of controversy, many Taiwan compatriots regarded as chicken ribs, to get rid of. What exactly is the Taiwanese people, love seat and experience what? Moral magic man read the curse in the land of the free travel notes, such as no matter how crowded the bus, fraternity seat will not be accounted for, such as praise everywhere. Indeed, often take the bus or MRT Taipei people can be found, not only the basic love seat is unoccupied, and even ordinary seats are large empty, many passengers would stand don’t sit around the seat. This is why? Set fraternity, the intention is to hope that vulnerable groups and people in need have a comfortable ride environment. However, people in Taiwan but some people claim justice, as long as people do not see the seat, or occupy seats, it indiscriminately accused. Taiwan users returned to this kind of people sealed a title, called moral devil". In late August, Taipei first girls high school girls ride in the subway, because the body is not comfortable not to seat next to the children and the elderly onlookers aunt angry, back post said "it is shameful girl"! Then, a right eye only 0.02 of the Taiwan normal university students take the MRT, the staff was directed to the fraternity to sit down after the middle-aged woman was audibles brother you stand up, you can not sit in the seats". He explained that he could not see, the other party does not believe, has been waving in front of him, questioning him "pretend blind". Not long ago, a Taiwan female netizen posting said, because of their own physical pain by love seat, the halfway by an old man shake request seat. Did not expect the arrival of the car, the old man quickly got up and went to the door and shouted, "suddenly, her body may pale at the moment than I have many tough." In the "moral magic" pointing, let alone love seat, even the ordinary people generally don’t dare to take a seat. The reason is very simple, a little tired no matter, in case of being photographed onto the Internet, was charged, mental pressure can not stand. Perfect people’s "invisible demand" these phenomena so many people in Taiwan very相关的主题文章:

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