Take a taxi to South Station North Station was received 600 yuan Fuzhou taxi driver so expensive 3u8547

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Take a taxi to South Station North Station was received 600 yuan Fuzhou taxi driver: so expensive channel network October 9th hearing (Haidu reporter Chen Kun) the day before yesterday afternoon at 1 am, Quanzhou province freshman Chen Tongxue, due to buy their tickets to ride the bus to Fuzhou, is turning. The bus stopped at the train station, he had to go to the train station train. So he chose a taxi, I did not expect to be the driver received 600 yuan fare. At present, Fuzhou yunguanchu has been involved in the investigation. Yesterday, a netizen "melon Hanging noodles" micro Bo said, "from Fuzhou north to Fuzhou south to take a taxi, spent a total of 600 yuan." The reporter contacted the friends, he is a freshman from Quanzhou, since the end of the National Day holiday back to school, there is no direct bus, then to take the bus to Fuzhou transfer. The bus arrived in Fuzhou station, I want to go to the South Station train, and ready to fight." Classmate Chen said, he stopped a green taxi, asked whether to play table, said the driver can play table. Chen said the students, the driver let him sit in the back, then the driver also took out a piece of white paper, blocking the table. The driver recommended to take the high-speed, said far away, he promised. When he wanted to take a picture, the driver said he wanted to borrow a cell phone. Upon arrival, the driver said a total of more than and 60 km, a kilometer of $10, a discount of 600 yuan. The driver also said that Fuzhou taxi is so expensive. He reluctantly by Alipay paid a $300 cash payment of 300 yuan. "As the rush train, I did not care, arrived at the school after the discovery, suffer heavy losses." So Chen students to their own experience on the internet. He sent a reporter from Alipay in the screenshot to see, the driver named lengnuanzizhi (× Jian Feng), the payment amount is 300 yuan. Chen said that his mistake is not to write down the license plate number, did not ask for tickets.相关的主题文章:

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