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Take 600 thousand garlic business cash was stolen theft gang smashed cars taking out the original title: garlic 600 thousand, smashed cars stolen the twinkling of an eye was the suspect Liang was captured by police in pursuit of the 7 provinces of 30 thousand miles, arrested the suspect Liang yijun. Lurking in the bank door, waiting for the target of crime. In June 2nd, three thieves car trailing a withdraw money from the Bank of garlic business to Jinxiang Paul International garlic market, only 15 seconds to hit the car 600 thousand yuan in cash stolen car window. On the run on the way, the way they replace the more than and 20 side plate. The police lasted for nearly half a year, the pursuit of the 7 provinces of 30 thousand miles, in October 31st, one of the suspects arrested in Yulin in Guangxi. At present, the police are wildly beating gongs and drums two other suspects were fugitives. Reporter Su Hongyin correspondent Hou Xianfeng Su Peiyin from the open window to take a bag of thieves took only 15 seconds on June 2nd morning at about 10, garlic business Mr. Yang to Jinxiang county to a bank teller, drove to the Jinxiang Shan Lu international garlic market. He parked the car in the market a parking point, and then enter the market to negotiate business. In a short while, Mr. Yang returned to the car, the scene was made him silly eyes. The car window smashed a big hole, broken glass scattered on the ground. Mr. Yang hurriedly opened the door to see the items inside the vehicle, the car money bag with a bag of take wings to itself, 600 thousand yuan of cash he just came back from the bank. The case is significant, Jinxiang County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a 6 & 02 in the case of large theft of cash in the car task force. Police retrieved surveillance found that Mr. Yang off into the garlic market, followed by a black three Mondeo sedan came to the trailing garlic market. Black car adjustment position, so that the left side of the car close to Mr. Yang’s rear window. A grey head cloth cover man from the black car rear window leaned, Mr. Yang smashed the rear window glass, Yang car package snatched. From the glass smashed cars to capture, man has not get off, the whole process only took 15 seconds, then, the black car sped away. The police found in the monitoring process of daozhui, before the incident in late June 1st 11, after the replacement of the two black car license plate, stop to the county agricultural bank outlets lurking nearby. After withdrawal Mr. Yang on the way, and the replacement of the license plate. A road to replace the more than and 20 side plate to avoid the road went through the road after the incident, the police according to the monitoring of a track, but near the black car to the floating white map of Chengwu County town lost. It turned out that the black car in the white floating town near the replacement of the license plate. At 1:49 on the same day, the car in the county of Henan Province, the outer ring and lost track. Police found a black car and replaced the new license plate, heading for Henan, Suixian. Chase the police did not attend to rest, take turns driving, the night rushed to Henan, Suixian, in Suixian, the suspect vehicle and no trace. The suspect is very strong sense of anti detection, all the way to escape, all the way to change the route and direction, along the way to continue to replace the license plate number, and to avoid the road, take the countryside trail." Jinxiang County Public Security Bureau deputy brigade commander Tang Guodong introduction. "We lasted nearly half a year, has gone through Shandong, river ya相关的主题文章:

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