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Tang Yan shows Sun Li with the children no08 Yoga sport so strange spell not thin lead: the entertainment goddess who each are Master yoga movement, from time to time out can always draw a piece of wonder. A group of Yoga recently shot of Tang Yan on the stunning let people find her popular dishes rendered speechless, hiding the yoga master. So, who are the yoga masters? (source: posters fashion network) is indeed the legs legs Yan Yan, practicing yoga is to move continuously. Recently, Tang Yan in micro-blog released two albums to her yoga photos over her head, inverted, through directly from between the legs, the body of bender, was a public users, have a message that "it is in practice no08 ah!" "And unlock the new position"…… Its flexibility as yoga master. However, this is not the first time Tang Yan in the micro-blog show the softness of his body, long before her backhand folded and put the body into the distorted inverted "F" photos let netizens as the acme of perfection. Even more amazing is that not only the body, Tang Yan’s fingers can also play yoga, her thumb bent to touch the small arm, which many people can not do! Leg length, body a rod, flexibility is still so good, Tang Yan is not regarded as the goddess of all blame. When it comes to flexibility and yoga, entertainment is really a Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon place. Spicy mom Sun Li is a yoga addict, often in their own micro-blog drying out their own practice yoga, showing their body very soft photo. Can you see that this is the mother of two children? Sun Li is not only a person practicing yoga, but also pull up his two children and so on, and the flowers will be in the yoga room along with her mother youmoyouyang made up, so small to begin physical training, the two children grew up after the body must be as can be imagined. Moreover, doing yoga with children is also an interesting and healthy parent-child activity. Sun Li love fitness and yoga actions not only affect their own children, her assistant also seems to be so inspired by, with Sun Li, they also stay together morning and night monasteries, from the original fat girl, by changing the fitness of a super good inspirational goddess, even Sun Li for her change is sit up and take notice. Li Bingbing is also a yoga addict, practicing yoga every day for 40 minutes to an hour. For often to play against her, yoga can not only let her body become more flexible, she felt when doing yoga is a process, in the face of their own inner comb, from reality, will let the human body comfort at ease, like a duck. Zhang Yuqi on vacation, do not forget to air yoga, and generous drying out difficult action pictures, show the good figure yourself curvy. Imagine these stars with the ultimate body at the same time, it retains the enviable flexibility, spend ten minutes every day, do the following yoga, after a period of time, you will find that your body could be so sexy! In the palm of the hand and foot to stick on the mat, keep the knees and elbows straight, head on the back of the extension.相关的主题文章:

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