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Tao Xinran: play the anling personal attacks are parents scold Tao Xinran mentioned Tao Xinran [micro-blog], the audience may feel a little strange, but if she is in the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" anling, presumably a lot of people will say "Oh, it is her". Tao Xinran was in September 11th ushered in the birth of his daughter, daughter not yet on the occasion of the full moon, and coincides with another important works of her life in the Spy Drama "rouge" in the Oriental TV, Zhejiang satellite tv. This September, for Tao Xinran undoubtedly has a special meaning. "Rouge" in the drama, Tao Xinran plays Feng Manna, this is a happy and carefree girl, suddenly, she found that their parents have done a traitor, happy life is hard to tear. However, the right and wrong too, loved ones have been good sisters blue Rouge (Zhao Liying [micro-blog] decoration) personally to the end. After a painful and arrogant woman, Feng Manna to become a burning flame of revenge malicious fierce female agents, go on the road to treason. "If you want to describe the role of the word, is both simple and complex, which not only directly but deep feelings, her desire to love and be loved, trust and be trusted, but ultimately failed to escape the fate." Tao Xinran commented himself this role, hear it, Feng Manna is a "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in anling has experienced a great fortune in the emotional ups and downs, and ultimately tragic figure out completely. "She is a good girl, there are a lot of small flaws, character is very extreme, extreme cold, extreme and manic. Behind her, extreme and extreme cold, everything is because of the sudden shock to her life." Although from the point of view of the character set, which may be a little as well as the security of the main role of the audience does not like, but as a professional actor Tao Xinran do not care. "Once the anling has been a lot of personal attacks, parents are being scolded, but now I feel to meet such a role is happy, the director and producer of such a particularly difficult role to play to me, I was very lucky." Although I love this role, but due to their own personality and Feng Manna is almost the opposite, so the whole filming process for Tao Xinran to say is very painful and tangled. Because of the long-term immersion in the role of the tragic fate and hard creation, Tao Xinran once needed to relax, let the assistant accompany to the monks chanting to calm down. And when this role is finally completed, Tao Xinran seems to be in the heart of a big stone finally put down, and she immediately announced the news to the producers to go home to prepare pregnant news. Today, upgraded when the mother Tao Xinran is confined to rest at ease and take care of the baby, although in the interview she smiled and said the yard can not use eye and excessive use of the brain, but she still can not help but secretly look at "rouge" broadcast, because this is a "love like" pain sweet process. Beijing morning news reporter Feng Xia相关的主题文章:

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