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Test your partner ten typical questions: 1. No one knows, want to have sex with others? Get along with people for a long time, people will be more intense desire for fresh. But if you both love is even stronger than before, so in the face of temptation, even hesitate, you will clearly tell myself: "I can’t do that. Otherwise, I don’t have the courage to look him in the eye." 2. Love him, do you like his personality and respect him? Love is packed with his faults. This is like we buy a work of art, appreciate its fine texture, unique luster, it is necessary to accept its fragile characteristics. 3. Do you keep him in public? In a good relationship, you should first trust your partner and firmly defend his reputation. 4. Can easily and naturally apologize to each other? "I’m sorry" three words with magic, can quickly calm the anger two. Even if you think it’s not your fault, you should be brave enough to say, "I’m sorry to upset you." By mistake, who refused to bow — this relationship can not be sustained. 5. Which is more important, right and happy? Two people live in the brain, Riga shut the gate, "not to argue out right and wrong switch. Happy is the king, don’t grabbed a little not to put, give each other a little room, is to give yourself a clear sky. 6. Whether to put the relationship in the first place? Take care of parents and children, busy with work, friends, these occasionally become "the first thing you have to do". But most of the time, your love should be ranked first. 7. Would you like him to meet all your requirements? No one can satisfy all our wishes, let alone forever. Happy couples are generally aware of this. 8. Do they have independent space? Love is like two hedgehogs snuggle up to the winter, too far away from the cold, too close, tie. A distance appropriate distance, both make each other feel independent, private, and not the feelings of alienation. 9. Do you try to get along well with each other? Often not love in front of the face, and even his parents naojiang, forcing him to choose one between parents and you, this approach will inevitably lead to a lose lose, farther away. So, choose to adjust their mentality, his family as far as possible respect, friendly, warm. The other person will cherish your understanding, support and pay, and you stick together. 10. After the quarrel is fast composite? The cold war, "I want you to pay the price, turn old, depressed…… These are the "killer" of the relationship". Smart people know how to quickly straighten out their emotions, the initiative to repair the feelings, one can turn aside unpleasant.相关的主题文章:

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