Thanks to TA, we don’t need a hand to start the car

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Thanks to TA, we do not have to hand to start the car in the history of mankind all the great technological achievements all embodied a few times wisdom and ingenuity. Today, when you open the car door, sit in the driver’s seat, turn the key to start the car, certainly did not think of this little action behind, but through a hundred years of history. From the start to hand electric starting in January 29, 1886, Cole · Benz patented the first car in the world, marking the birth of the first car in the world.     Cole · Benz and early first car automotive technology is relatively backward, because there is no boot device, want to start the car, first of all to the petrol into the car, and then let the engine crank rocking on human operation, and then start the car. However, manually start the car to be more dangerous than the tractor, a little careless, you will be struck by the joystick, light is the fracture, heavy is killed.     1910 rocker to start the car, the Cadillac boss Henry · a good friend of Leland in the car with the crank, the crank is hit bounce back, unfortunately injured and killed. This allows Henry to make sure the car is safer to start, and so on. Then, Henry found the inventor Charles · Caitlin, finally in early 1912, Caitlin invented the automobile electronic starter.     Charles · Caitlin and his invention but electric start technology is not mature and high prices, let people in after a long period of time is still on the electric start from hand to start with. Looking for a strong and stable power supply has become the focus of universal electric start. This opens the glorious road of lead-acid batteries. The battery is the key automotive electronics started actually, appear lead-acid battery can be traced back to 1859, the French physicist Prandtl invented the first battery. However, it is too complicated to be mass produced, which is not taken seriously. Until 1881, the French chemist Holmes improved lead-acid battery, the production cost is greatly reduced, quickly get mass production. This background emerged a number of specialized manufacturing battery business, Valta is one of a century of change, today still full of outstanding representatives of the new power.   in subsequent years, lead-acid battery is only used in automotive lighting, until 1914, that Caitlin invented the electric two years after the start of the first time, people will try to start the car and battery for success. In the subsequent development of lead-acid battery, also exposed the obvious disadvantages, 1, at the end of charging water can be decomposed into hydrogen and oxygen precipitation, often adding acid and water, heavy maintenance work; 2, carrying the mist gas overflow, corrosion of peripheral equipment, and environmental pollution, which restrict the application of battery. Security can not guarantee a headache.   the storage battery brands have to find a method to break the bottleneck. Different from other brands of batteries, valta.相关的主题文章:

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