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Thanksgiving Chinese filial piety culture, for free vegetarian lunch point of praise! August 27th – public channel news, near three Cao Road, Anhui province Qiaocheng District of Bozhou City, there is such a restaurant: every noon, many elderly people have gathered the house to sit, sit on the line at the door waiting quietly, to the restaurant people, mostly low-income people. They come here to enjoy a free vegetarian meal. The restaurant is a few retired old people that are obligated to service their retirement pay out, coupled with the sponsorship of medicine in an individual boss opened the restaurant, and their purpose is to carry forward the traditional culture China, refused to sale and killings, provide free vegetarian lunch for the low income who. The picture is the volunteer Han aunty, who donated her monthly salary to a low income person. The restaurant was quiet, and volunteers were walking in the middle of the crowd with a sign of "stop language". The elderly people who came early looked at the projection quietly in the restaurant. Some people who showed filial piety showed some people in the projection. Most of them were low income people. They wore various kinds of cultural shirts. Everyone has to eat the dishes in the bowl, and the volunteers are also in the crowd, propagandizing the brand of food. The old people are eating. There is nothing left to eat. The children are also experiencing free vegetarian lunches and quiet meals. In their heart, Chinese traditional culture of filial piety has been deeply remembered. Source: Chu Lang rain

感恩中国孝道文化,为免费素食午餐点赞!-公益频道   8月27日消息,安徽省亳州市谯城区三曹路附近,有着一家这样的餐馆:每到中午时分,好多老年人纷纷云集,屋里坐不下,就排队坐在门口安静地等着,去这个餐馆的人,大多是低收入者。他们来这里,是享受一顿免费的素食中餐。   餐馆是几个退休的老年人开的,都是义务来服务,他们把自己的退休工资都拿出来,再加上个体中药材老板的赞助,开了这家餐馆,他们的目的就是弘扬中国传统文化,拒绝买卖和杀戮,为低收入者提供免费的素食中餐。图为义工韩阿姨,她为低收入者捐出了她每个月的工资。   餐馆里很安静,义工们打着“止语”的牌子,悄无声息地在人群中游走。提前来到的老年人在餐馆里静静地看着投影,投影里放映着一些弘扬孝道的片子 来餐馆的人,大都是低收入者,他们穿着各式各样的赠送的文化衫。 每个人都把碗里的饭菜吃干净,义工也在吃饭的人群中,宣传着爱惜粮食的牌子。 老人们在吃饭。吃的一点不剩。   孩子们也在体验免费的素斋午餐,安静地打饭。在他们的心中,中国传统的孝道文化已经深深记在心中。   来源:西楚朗雨相关的主题文章:

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