The 5 action chart shows you all the possible causes of the note 7 explosion coinwatch

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The 5 moving picture you see Note 7 explosion of all possible causes [editor’s note] technology Tencent Note 7 "bombing" reason still whirling at all possible, but the error is higher on the back, the market performance is more and the requirements of mobile phone, mobile phone manufacturers continue to limit the blind approximation technique, perhaps, Samsung is not the first company to fall…… This article comes from foreign media, compiled by the Tencent science and technology Samsung’s recent explosion door is bound to become one of the largest and most expensive product recalls in the history of the technology consumer goods industry. However, after a series of recall and recall measures, the truth of the explosion Note 7 has not yet surfaced. Some foreign media believe that Samsung was taken to stop Note 7 such radical measures, but also because it can not determine the true cause of the explosion. Samsung engineers can not find the root cause of the delay, and the media and regulators continue to pressure, Samsung can only make such a decision. The camera Note 7 Samsung mobile phone smoke scene once thought to find the "culprit" explosion after the first round of the 7 Note after the explosion, Samsung once thought to find the root of the problem. In September 2nd, when the Fast Compay reporter asked about the technical root of the battery problem, Samsung replied: "positive and negative contact leads to overheating of the core, which is a very rare manufacturing process errors." At that time, Samsung believes that only the production of battery battery supplier SDI have this problem, so begin to replace all affected by the new mobile phone, and mobile phone batteries from another company called ATL (a subsidiary of TDK supplier). IDC ·, analyst at home (Will Stofega); she pointed out that the SDI battery problem that puzzling, because the SamSung company began production of the battery from a long time ago, did not happen explosion accident. Results from the beginning of September 23rd, and the news came out Note 7 new machine explosion. Today, in the face of the outside world, Samsung’s answer has not been so sure. "It takes a long time to make a thorough investigation, and it’s too early to speculate on the results." In the United States, we have received a report on the issue of a small number of new Note 7, the Samsung spokesman said in a statement on Wednesday. We are working round the clock to analysis the cause of the problem." New York Times said that many Samsung engineers are trying to reproduce the SDI and ATL battery explosion scene, in order to find the reason, but no one has succeeded. So, on the day of Note 7 shut down, because this "tragedy" is still whirling. Foreign media have made the Note 7 explosion test, finally only external heating caused by smoke 1 guesses: the manufacturer problems while the Note 7 new machine after the explosion, the reason has been basically can be ruled out, but some remarks about Samsung manufacturing process problems, has caused attention. A month ago, that is, when Samsung also believes that there is a problem in the manufacturing process SDI, a Samsung official said, the problem battery in all products accounted for only less than 0.1%.相关的主题文章:

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