The adoption animal also must sign the contract, promises the life does not abandon, does not give

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Animal adoption must sign a contract commitment is not abandoned, do not give up according to the introduction, to achieve the commitment is not easy to master and the dog "three". In the "knowledge test", the master must first estimate the dog eat dog food, love what love what love snacks, what to drink, and then give the dog in the food and beverage pick out their love, to see whether the high degree of agreement, in addition to the degree of understanding with the settings "and" intimate photo shoot "etc.. The adopters showed that the mood was still very exciting and happy when they took the certificates closely. However, the climax of the Adoption Day is the beautiful and beautiful model and the Chinese pastoral dog show. "This is one of the most important parts of our campaign." "Carlson", the organizer of the event, took the reporter to see several Chinese pastoral dogs as models. "These are all adopted dogs, and they are all cool."." When these usually everyone seems very ordinary humble "dog" in the T stage show, a little soil. "Carlson" told reporters, for a long time, the dog dog adoption in other varieties more, but Chinese pastoral dogs are often left too ordinary, but in the event, I found a lot of people who love dogs come to consult how to adopt Chinese pastoral dogs, which makes me very touched."

领养动物也要签契约 承诺一生不抛弃、不放弃   据介绍,要做到承诺部分并不容易,需要主人和狗狗“过三关”。在“了解度测试”中,主人先要预估自家狗狗喜欢吃什么狗粮、喜欢什么零食、喜欢喝什么,然后狗狗在给出的食物和饮料中挑选出自己喜欢的,看吻合度是否高,另外还有“默契度配合”和拍“亲密合照”等环节设置。   通过测试的领养者纷纷表示,当自己从活动主办方手中郑重接过贴着亲密照的证书,心情还是异常激动和开心的。   不过,把领养日活动推向高潮的是帅气美丽的模特和中华田园犬走秀。“这是我们此次活动的重要内容之一。”活动组织方负责人“carlson”带着记者去看了作为模特的几只中华田园犬,“这些都是待领养的狗狗,他们都很酷。”当这些平时在大家看来很平凡不起眼的“土狗”在T台上走秀时,一点也不土。   “carlson”告诉本报记者,很长时间以来,流浪狗里其他品种的宠物狗领养得较多,但中华田园犬因为太普通经常被剩下来,“但是在这次活动中,我发现很多爱狗的人士前来咨询怎么领养中华田园犬,这让我非常感动。”相关的主题文章:

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