The air force Chinese strict prohibition door test more than Beijing cadres were demoted

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The air force Chinese strict prohibition: door test cadres demoted – Beijing, the strict prohibition of such landing force reporter Li Guowen Li Jianwen – an order no living for many years to ban the bad habits, do not discount, Every order is executed without fail. good style is back. Please look at the news survey — reporters from the air force who can think of the army barracks in the thorough investigation of drunk driving? At the beginning of November, the reporter went to interview the air force, see the camp placed alcohol detector, sentinel ongoing alcohol detection of the driver of the vehicle entering the camp. Zhang Lei, who accompanied the interview, explained: "not only does the sentry carry out alcohol detection, but also the other officers and men. The air force "Prohibition" expressly, each independent garrison units must for officers and normalization of alcohol detection." Speaking of the air force "Prohibition", many soldiers are not strange. In August 1, 2008, the air force in the form of commands issued by the "prohibition". "The original formulation of" Prohibition ", in order to prevent excessive drinking and causing all kinds of hazards and accidents." Through the "Prohibition" throughout the development process of implementation of the air staff Force Management Bureau deputy director Pei Yufei told reporters, "in the past, the air force had occurred because of accident cases and problems caused by drinking." The air force at the beginning of the implementation of the "Prohibition", within a year there are 9 teachers and officers, civilian cadres for the following weekday lunch drinking, being demoted, lower rank or grade, 4 officers and workers for drunk driving is a serious warning, cancel the qualification punishment or dismissal officer. However, with the passage of time, a small number of officers and soldiers illegal drinking phenomenon still occurs. Individual leaders and institutions to implement the "Prohibition" is not strictly accountable, wide strict, some even lead to find loopholes in the provisions, find all kinds of excuses not to implement the provisions of. Gutian military Union for two years, the PLA troops strongly promote the positive wind Su Ji, to carry out the education and rectification, reform, bring order out of chaos, great efforts, the effect of good, strong social repercussions, encouraging and inspiring. In mid April this year, the air force base in the implementation of the "Strike while the iron is hot., prohibition", and formulated the strict implementation of "air force" Prohibition "measures" by netizens, known as the history of the most strict prohibition". The most stringent "Prohibition" strict in where? It is approved by the air force commander and political commissar, specially formulated and promulgated a "Prohibition", expressly prohibited alcohol drinking is prohibited during working days; major tasks of combat readiness, wheel warfare, exercises; prohibited duty duty, drinking during the course of office, conference training; drinking is prohibited during the working groups at all levels under the force is prohibited; a uniform drinking on the premises; prohibit any time, any occasion drinking or excessive drinking. Especially in the strict responsibility of leadership, the air force units specified military officers responsible units, illegal drinking, must pursue leadership responsibility, blocked the past "Prohibition" may have left "door" and "skylight". Chinese wine culture has a long history, in some people’s eyes has become a common social wine to communicate feelings, enhance the common channels of communication. Such a strict prohibition, what guarantee.相关的主题文章:

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