The ancient capital of Nanjing City, glazed tile Zhu [eleven] – wall Chaotiangong special tourism So

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The ancient capital of Nanjing City, glazed tile Zhu [eleven] – wall Chaotiangong special Sohu in Nanjing tourism cultural understanding of history, there is a good place, that is chaotiangong. Here is the level of the existing buildings in Jiangnan area is highest, the largest area, the most complete preservation of ancient buildings, temples, the name of Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang Xiazhao Yuci, "worship God", "emperor of heaven", only a short while ago here into the antique market, noisy, bustling and messy, just a glance. It has no foot. But in recent years, Chaotiangong "change" has become the Nanjing city museum. There are one hundred thousand pieces of cultural relics collection, traced the ancient, when the Republic of China, the collection of rich connotation. Chaotian Palace for the Ming and Qing Dynasties temple architecture typical. Its architectural pattern, style, construction technology, is the study of ancient Chinese architecture, especially the Ming and Qing Dynasties, an important and rare material, with a high historical, artistic and scientific value. Chaotiangong has always been important to the sights of Nanjing. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Nanjing has "forty-eight Jinling king", "Ye Cheng Xi Zhi" refers to chaotiangong. The literati writing Chaotiangong poems, continuous. Chaotiangong looks desolate and lonely, showing deep pattern around the house surrounded by just the angle, eyes are cornices Goulian scattered, the red pillar corridor with many twists and turns. The central axis of the pan Chi, lingxingmeng, Confucius statue, Dacheng gate and the great hall, obviously is a typical configuration before the "Confucious’temple". Through lingxingmeng, directly to Dacheng hall, in front of the hall stood like Confucius. The great hall is behind the temple worship. We have also unearthed in Nanjing of the Ming Dynasty clothing jewelry exhibition, free to visit. All kinds of accessories exhibition in Ming Dynasty, is really very delicate. There is a garden, but there is a little garden behind it, pavilions, terraces and open halls bridges, little and dainty. In the silence, and through all the courtyard, to feel the ancient buildings of the past and present, once as a Taoist temple, the palace, Confucious’temple, wumiao, examination, court, Chaotiangong history is also a microcosm of Jinling, once the number of "change" Xuan Teng disturbance to the Cultural Palace the "resort", return to the inheritance should be solemn and solemn, not only the ancient buildings and cultural relics, can watch, she can afford a city museum reputation. Here stands the best of a group of ancient buildings in the Yangtze River, where the mission of cultural heritage, can not help but say that is a kind of joy, a historical value, the best return of cultural values. Chaotiangong very few tourists, very quiet, as if just experienced a restlessness after quiet, always find the once prosperous traces from the carving on the wall. Not to say that there is a brick, after thousands of years before revealing the beauty so exposed to wind and rain. If you love Nanjing, want to know Nanjing, you must come and see it for thousands of years to leave the palace beautiful. Tips: 2 tickets: $20. The old man half price ticket, juvenile group visit free of charge. Do not need to buy a ticket using the park card. 3 opening hours: 9:00-18:00 (17:00 stop ticket sales, visitors stop to enter), the full year 4 free time reference: 1 hours相关的主题文章:

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