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Ankang train driver heart attack back 72 minutes parked train in October 7th, the Xi’an Railway Bureau Ankang depot train driver Wang Le multiplied by the Beijing to Chengdu K817 train, running to the Daba Mountains when a sudden heart attack, he swallowed the pain of torture, adhere to 72 minutes, the train safely docked at the station, to ensure that the National Day period the safety of passengers traveling. 5:10, Wang Le run multiplied by the Beijing West train bound for Chengdu K817 line is Xiangfan Chongqing Daba Mountains, he suddenly felt his heart a burst by pain, pale, sweating through sweating, he has a hand on the handle, a hand to rub the left chest. "Master, how are you?" Liu Jun, the assistant driver, asked nervously. "Some pain in the mouth, you look ahead." Wang Le opened the side window cab, stimulated himself with the breeze, and stand up with your hands began to scratch Qiangdajingshen adhere to the car in front. "Guandu Railway Station, I am a K817 driver. My heart is very uncomfortable now. I feel black and weak in my eyes. Please tell the dispatcher if you can stop at the WanYuan Railway Station." 6 hours and 08 points, K817 time finally over the Daba Mountain, Wang Yue’s heart pain attack frequency faster and faster. Looking forward to the front of the Sichuan Wanyuan station, he decided to stick to it and ask for a temporary stop at the front station. At 6:22, Wang Le made every effort to stop K817 at Wanyuan station. After seeing that the passengers behind him were safe, he just relaxed and curled up to his seat and couldn’t help humming. "Fast, plug in the oxygen tube quickly!" Several 120 emergency workers and the station staff carefully lifted Wang Yue to the ambulance to the hospital. Yesterday morning, the union president He Ming visit in Sichuan Wanyuan City doctor Wang Le said: "in the K817 to change the driver and the locomotive safely after leaving, you can rest assured to convalesce." Zhang Yiwei correspondent Liu Junfeng

安康火车司机突发心脏病 强忍72分钟稳停火车   10月7日,西安铁路局安康机务段火车司机王乐值乘的北京开往成都的K817次列车,运行至大巴山山区时突发心脏病,他强忍病痛折磨,坚持72分钟,将列车稳稳停靠在车站,确保了国庆期间旅客安全出行。   5时10分,王乐值乘的北京西开往成都的K817次列车正在襄渝线大巴山山区运行,他突然感觉到心口一阵一阵地揪疼,脸色发白,满头冒起虚汗,他一只手扶着操纵手柄,一只手用力揉起左胸。   “师傅,你咋啦?”副司机刘俊紧张地问道。“心口有些疼,你把前面看好。”王乐打开司机室的侧窗,用凉风刺激自己,并站起来用手使劲挠起头,强打精神坚持把车朝前开。   “官渡站,我是K817次司机,现在心口很难受,感觉两眼发黑、全身无力,请给调度说一下,能不能在万源站停一下。”6时08分,K817次终于翻越过了大巴山,王乐的心口疼痛发作频率越来越快。眼看着前方就是四川万源车站,他决定再坚持一下,请求前方站临时停车。   6时22分,王乐用尽力气,稳稳地将K817次停靠在万源车站,看着身后旅客安然无恙,他才放松下来,蜷缩到座椅上,并忍不住哼了起来。   “快,赶快插上氧气管!”几名120急救人员和车站的工作人员小心地把王乐抬上救护车送往医院。昨天上午,该段工会主席何明看望还在四川万源市就医的王乐说:“K817次在重新换了司机和机车后已安全驶离,你就放心养病吧。”   本报记者张毅伟   通讯员刘俊峰相关的主题文章:

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