The author acknowledges that the Mid Autumn Festival burst of Changsha circle of friends circle is p christie stevens

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The authors acknowledge that the Mid Autumn Festival maxed Changsha people circle of friends is moon P figure original title: the authors acknowledge the explosion of the circle of friends is the P of the Mid Autumn Moon brush Changsha palm Changsha evening news September 19th according to the Xiaoxiang Morning News recently, the public Yin Chenggang made a Changsha mid autumn moon map in the circle of friends, shooting across the Xiangjiang Strait. From east to west. Neon outlines the contours of the building, the night of the city into the soul of the soul, the top of a full moon is particularly conspicuous. This picture is very fast. Changsha screen people circle of friends, many users said the night is very beautiful and active forwarding. However, many netizens questioned: the picture is not synthesized? Mid day moon is so round? The advertisement of a building, is not a hype? In addition, for the original author of the picture, also caused the dispute. At 8:34 the night of September 15th, Hunan Provincial Architectural Design Institute designers Yin Chenggang, in the circle of friends released a mid autumn moon and with the text with a photo by to wish everyone a happy mid autumn festival". Subsequently, this figure has been forwarded friends, harvest a lot of praise but also attracted a lot of questions. 16 at noon, the relevant staff of a photography team micro-blog said there is "original" in their hands, which makes the first release of this figure Yin Chenggang some dissatisfaction with the. Question: why the moon is so round fifteen response: July photo, the moon is in the sky online photo hanging round the moon is particularly interesting, however, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival is "fifteen moon seventeen round". On the night of September 15th, the night sky is not full moon. So, this picture is what is the time taken? That netizen "Ming" where "this image, the time is July, because the figure on the left side of the building, appeared a taxi advertising software," that is the software in July ad". Yin Chenggang introduction, this picture does not take the Mid Autumn Festival on the same day, the real filming time is July 22nd at 8:59 in the evening, because at that time the day the air quality is good, it will go to the mountains at night thinking about taking pictures". Yin Chenggang said, the location in the Mount Yuelu Lu Yun Gong Qian Ping a viewing platform, did not expect in the process of users spread, misunderstood into filming during the mid autumn festival. Yin Chenggang said, the full moon in the sky is downloaded material. "The moon was synthesized, and the moon was not in this position, and not so large." Question: the emergence of advertising is not a response to the building: the photo is spliced into, there is no commercial purpose there are careful users found that the picture appeared on the building of a taxi software and advertising a condiment. Yin Chenggang frankly, this panorama is composed of four different images are spliced, about 30% to 40% of the overlap between each picture, the convenience of docking. Reporters view the picture found that the color contrast of each building is indeed relatively large, unlike the whole picture. "I don’t have any commercial purpose." Yin Chenggang said that he usually only shot the photos sent to a circle of friends, for users questioned his frustration. In addition, a taxi software staff Zhou said that this is not the company’s marketing behavior. "This is a coincidence, how the July ad will be publicized in September?" question: who is the original author of the response: original)相关的主题文章:

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