The car water diving rescue commandos rescued thousands of miles to Hainan thanks-kaya scodelario

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The car water diving rescue commandos rescued thousands of miles to Hainan thanks to the original title: car water, Marine Corps dive rescue rescued thousands of miles to Hainan Xie car water commando rescue diving benefactor rescued thousands of miles to Hainan due to avoidance of roadside Shane suddenly rushed out three wheelers, Cai Ji Zhen sun Junsong Sucheng District of Suqian city in the car crashed into a roadside tree and plunged into the pond. Moment of life and death, a passing naval special forces into the water, and the people around him will be saved. Get rescued after a few days ago, Sun Junsong contacted the local people’s armed forces departments rushed to Hainan and went to Trinidad, Jiumingenren tightly together. 23 evening, Sun Junsong and his party returned to Hainan from Suqian. Gratitude: Trinidad went to camp Xie "thank Wang Shuang benefactor troops training, he gave me a second life, thousands and thousands of words cannot express gratitude……" 21 PM, from the Cai town Suqian Sucheng District of Jiangsu Province, Sun Junsong came to Hainan, the silk banner, sent to the Naval Special Warfare Group soldier Wang Shuang hands. More than and 20 days ago, Sun Junsong in the car due to avoidance vehicle crashed into the roadside pond, dangers, passing Wang Shuang dived into the water and smashed the window he saved up. Sun Junsong from the local police station was informed that after the rescue, the first time to find Wang Shuang home address to the house thank humbly, did not think Wang Shuang has a holiday back to the troops. "I must see a benefactor to thank him!" Sun Junsong through the local armed forces found the troops in the Wang Shuang. So, after being rescued in the hospital after the end of the treatment, after the Mid Autumn Festival, Sun Junsong and the local armed forces related to the leadership of a plane, came to Hainan, Sanya. Rescued: the car crashed into the pond in the case of a special soldier in Sun Junsong with tears embrace him the moment, Wang Shuang’s mind and emerged more than and 20 days ago he saved the scene diving. August 30th at 10 am, Wang Shuang and friends are at home on the bus is waiting for the bus platform, such as. At this time, a black car traveling from east to West over the right side of the intersection, suddenly rushed out of a tricycle, car hurry direction, to avoid the tricycle, but hit the left side of the tree, then fell into the side of the road in the aquaculture ponds, the car sinking fast. Witnessed this behind the scenes, Wang Shuang roar: "a car accident, go to save!" He ran to the edge of Yang Meng shouted, "fast 120 emergency telephone!" In the run, Wang Shuang dialed 110 calls. Wang Shuang jumped at once, and Yang Meng jumped. Sun Junsong later recalled that after the accident, the car rear window was smashed, the car sank quickly. After a while, Wang Shuang touched the door, he tried to pull, but simply can not be opened from the outside. So Wang Shuang surfaced, changed the tone, picked up a stone in the water at the window broke broken, then come out from the window handle, he met a soft things, seems to be the person’s legs, this person is sun Junsong. Wang Shuang pulled, too heavy, he called to Yang Meng and other personnel, together to save the shore of the lake on the top of the body. At this time, Sun Junsong is dying. Wang Shuang immediately cardiopulmonary resuscitation. About ya相关的主题文章:

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