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College students play mobile phone sudden death cause still need to check the map for on-site monitoring screenshot. In class, a student with a mobile phone to look through, suddenly a body askew, fell unconscious on the ground, died after the rescue died. On the morning of 21, Guangdong ATV entertainment Career Academy Department of art and design Junior Luo due to sudden illness of sudden death in the classroom. The police have ruled out homicide. However, the specific cause of death needs further examination. At present, the aftermath is under way. It is understood that the accident student Luo, born in 1996 in Guangdong, ATV entertainment Career Academy environmental art design professional learning. Luo’s 305 classroom monitoring took the whole process of the incident at that time. At that time, according to teacher Jia introduced, it was organized students to discuss the environmental art design scheme, named Luo is as normal as before. Monitoring video shows, during the class, Luo talked and laughed, and sometimes communicate with students some problems. However, the accident happened in a flash. Through surveillance video to see, 8:52 am, watching the phone’s Luo suddenly a body askew, fell to the ground. After the incident, a male teacher rushed to call 120 emergency telephone. After 120 emergency doctors rushed, after nearly 50 minutes of emergency rescue, and ultimately failed to save Luo young life. "Such a large school, not even a medical clinic and a full-time doctor."." Yesterday, dad and all relatives and friends Luo classmates said, the child suddenly fainted, "no doctor rushed to the rescue, did not take the initiative to a nearby hospital, the best treatment time." In this regard, ATV, responsible person responded that they and within the jurisdiction of the community health service station reached a medical service agreement, only one kilometer away from the straight line distance of. And on the treatment, the first time after the incident call the emergency call. Classroom two hours around 7:55 in the morning: Luo took the computer and classmates walked into the classroom, walked to the blackboard near the desk, put the computer on the table, and then sit down and turn on the computer. Around 8:14 in the morning: Luo with a classmate next to change the seat, by the classmate sitting in front of his computer operation. He sometimes looks at the program on the computer, sometimes playing with mobile phones, occasionally lying on the table and bow to play with mobile phones. 8:52 am: the one who is looking at the mobile phone suddenly turns into a crooked body, knocks on the chair next to him and then falls to the ground. (Guangzhou daily)

大学生课堂上玩手机猝死 死因尚需查验  图为现场监控截图。  课堂上,一名学生拿着手机翻看,突然身子一歪倒在地上不省人事,经抢救无效不幸离世。21日上午,广东亚视演艺职业学院艺术设计系大三学生骆某疑因突发疾病猝死在教室。经警方调查,已排除他杀。但是具体死因尚需进一步查验。目前,事情善后处理工作正在进行中。  据了解,发生意外的学生骆某,1996年出生,在广东亚视演艺职业学院环境艺术设计专业学习。骆某所在的305教室的监控拍下了事发当时的全过程。据当时上课的贾老师介绍,当时是组织学生分组讨论环境艺术设计方案,点名时骆某都跟以前一样很正常。监控录像显示,上课期间,骆某有说有笑,不时和同学交流一些问题。  然而,意外就在一瞬间发生。通过监控录像看到,上午8时52分许,正在看手机的骆某突然身子一歪倒在了地上。  事发后,闻讯赶来的一名男老师拨打了120急救电话。120急救医生赶过来后,经近50分钟的紧急抢救,最终未能挽回骆某年轻的生命。  “这么大一个学院,连一个医务室和一名专职的医生都没有。”昨日,骆同学的爸爸及众亲友称,孩子突然晕倒后,“没有校医及时赶到抢救,也没有主动送往附近医院,争取最佳救治时间。”  对此,亚视学院相关负责人回应称,他们与辖区内的社区卫生服务站达成了医疗服务协议,离学院直线距离只有一公里。而关于救治方面,事发后已第一时间拨打了急救电话。  教室两小时  上午7时55分左右:骆某提着电脑和同学一起步入教室,走到靠近黑板处的课桌旁,将电脑放在桌上,然后坐下来打开电脑。  上午8时14分左右:骆某跟旁边的一位同学调换了一下座位,由这位同学坐在他的电脑前操作。他则时而看电脑上的方案,时而摆弄手机,偶尔还会趴在桌子上低头玩手机。  上午8时52分:正在看手机的骆某突然身子一歪,磕了旁边的椅子一下之后倒在了地上。(广州日报)相关的主题文章:

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