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The congestion was applied to disease (micro survey) – Jiangxi Channel – original title: Scenic congestion disease, have applied (micro survey) recently, Yunnan Tang Kunming people took his family to Yunnan ethnic village. Park Jingpo village in building eye Nao bustling square, the Dai dance and Lisu nationality. Minority activity turns staged, the park’s "Munao Song of the night" fiery opening. Lit bonfire, under the leadership of the host, tourists and citizens hand in hand, surrounded by bonfire, jumping up the enthusiastic dance, the atmosphere is very warm. "To feel the activities of the ethnic minorities, it is true." Mr. Tang said excitedly. However, a few years ago, Mr. Tang also had a bad experience here: "that is the new year’s Day holiday, and the National Village didn’t know how many people had been squeezed, and was almost trapped." In order to prevent too many tourists, the Yunnan national village has implemented the classification of tourist carrying capacity in the scenic area, thus setting up an early warning scheme at the peak period of tourists. Li Juan, a staff member, said: "during the peak period of tourists, there will be special security personnel monitoring the traffic volume, abnormal handling in a timely manner, and the staff will bring tourists to the open area in time to reduce the number of tourists in the centralized village. When the number of tourists exceeds the maximum carrying capacity, the ticket department will immediately stop the ticket sales, and a special person is responsible for tourists and vehicle guidance. " During the holidays, apart from regular performances, villages will also increase performances and performances to prevent crowds and stampede incidents. Li Juan told reporters: "like the key festivals in our park, water splashing Festival, Torch Festival, etc. will be prepared for a number of venues." Anhui’s travel enthusiasts, Xiao Wang, also felt this change. "Do not have to play where to play before, but not at high speed feel the traffic congestion, it is not easy to get to the scenic spot is people crowded." Now it is quite different: the high-speed intersection is much smoother. Tickets are available within three days. The time can be selected to avoid the peak. "The number of tourists has reached 80% of the maximum carrying capacity. Please arrange your sightseeing schedule reasonably". The main mountaintop crossing displays will have similar hints. In recent years, through reasonable regulation and control, we basically realized the goal of the maximum daily carrying capacity of the scenic spot not exceeding 50 thousand people in the golden week and other peak hours, which is attributed to the prediction, appointment and early warning system of "three pre" in the scenic area. In addition to standardizing management and improving tourist experience, Qian Zhaoyang, director of Chuzhou tourism administration section, suggests that scientific scenic traffic management is an effective way to protect tourists’ safety and prevent accidents in scenic spots. "It is the beginning of the nine month of Langya mountain temple, pilgrims crowded the fire almost destroyed Langya temple." Many years ago, one of the events, Qian Chaoyang was impressed. Since this year, Chuzhou has started from a grade a scenic spot, and has fully started the verification and control of the maximum carrying capacity of the scenic area. "Due to the fact that the size and conditions of scenic spots are not static, dynamic management should be carried out for the largest nuclear load of tourists, etc., which is re approved and updated at the beginning of each year. The tourism administration will also do follow-up work related work. Qian Zhaoyang introduced it. As early as January 2015, the National Tourism Administration issued the "guidelines for the maximum carrying capacity of the scenic area", required the largest scenic spots to calculate the maximum carrying capacity of tourists, and formulated relevant tourist flow control plans, which was implemented in April 1st of that year. According to the staff of the Anhui Provincial Tourism Bureau Fan Xinghong introduction, Anhui province is now the 4A level and above scenic spots have the basic traffic management, 3A and the following scenic traffic management Municipal Tourism Bureau is pushing, but because of the different scenic spots of different modes of management and work to promote the progress of different reasons has not yet universal. (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye)

景区拥堵病,得巧治(微调查)–江西频道–人民网 原标题:景区拥堵病,得巧治(微调查)   不久前,云南昆明市民唐先生带着家人来到云南民族村游玩。园区的景颇寨目瑙示栋广场热闹非凡,傣族舞曲、傈僳族下火海等各个少数民族活动轮番上演,园区的“目瑙纵歌之夜”火热开场。   点燃篝火,在主持人的带领下,游客和市民手拉手、围着篝火跳起了热情的舞蹈,气氛十分热烈。“来感受下少数民族的活动,真是来对了。”唐先生兴奋地说道。   然而,几年前唐先生在此也有过不好的体验:“那次正好是元旦假期,民族村里不知道挤了多少人,差点被困住出不去了。”   为了防止游客过多,云南民族村实施了景区游客承载量分级,从而在游客高峰期设置预警方案。工作人员李娟介绍:“游客高峰期,会有专门安保人员监控客流量,出现异常及时处置,工作人员会及时将游客带到开阔片区,减少集中村寨的游客数量。当游客数超过最高承载量时,售票部会立刻停止售票,并有专人负责游客和车辆疏导。”   节假日期间,除常规表演外,各村寨还会增加表演活动和表演场次,防止游客蜂拥聚集单一表演场地而发生拥挤、踩踏事件。李娟告诉记者:“像我们园区的重点节日,泼水节、火把节等都会准备多个场地的活动。”   安徽的旅行爱好者小汪也感受到了这种变化。“以前甭管去哪儿玩,还没下高速就感到客流拥堵,好不容易到了景区也是人挤人。”现在则很不同:高速路口明显顺畅多了;门票三日内有效,可以选时段避开高峰;“游客人数已达最大承载量的80%,请您合理安排游览行程”,主要登山道口的显示屏会有类似的提示……   “这些年通过合理的调控调度,基本实现了在黄金周等高峰时段,景区单日最大承载量不超5万人的目标,而这要归功于景区主推的预测、预约、预警‘三预’机制。”   除了规范管理、提升游客体验,在滁州市旅游局管理科科长钱朝阳看来,科学的景区流量管理,更是保障游客安全,防止景区事故发生的有效手段。   “正月初九琅琊山庙会,香客拥挤结果造成失火,琅琊古寺差点儿毁损。”好多年前的一次事件,钱朝阳印象深刻。   今年以来,滁州市从A级景区开始,全面启动了景区最大承载量的核定和管控工作。“由于景区规模、条件等不是一成不变的,对景区游客最大核载量等也要实施动态管理,每年年初重新核定并更新发布,旅游局也会做好相关工作的跟进监督。”钱朝阳介绍。   早在2015年1月,国家旅游局下发《景区最大承载量核定导则》,要求各大景区核算出游客最大承载量,并制定相关游客流量控制预案,当年4月1日起实施。据安徽省旅游局工作人员范星宏介绍,现在安徽省4A级及以上景区基本都有了流量管理,3A级及以下景区的流量管理各市旅游局也在推动,但由于不同景区的管理模式不同、工作推进的先后进度不同等原因,尚未普及。 (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章:

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