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The country has dozens of complaints to "super fish" Hotel – Sohu news after Harbin "super fish" yesterday someone’s hotel has been discovered catering license expired and other issues, and there are complaints from tourists of the hotel using shredded invoice authenticity, seal failure. Harbin City Bureau of Heilongjiang province feedback that the Inspection Bureau has been informed of the matter, is investigating someone’s Hotel tax status, the results will be announced as soon as possible. Someone’s hotel offers only a "shredded invoices to tens of thousands of fish, the daily turnover of hundreds of thousands, many people have no invoices, tax evasion is not?" Many tourists reflect, in some hotel consumption thousands of thousands of yuan, but difficult to get the invoice. On the morning of the 18 day, Mr. Zhao, a visitor from Shanghai, provided the hotel with a hand ripped invoice, 18 pieces of 500 yuan, 3 pieces of 200 yuan, totaling 9600 yuan. At 19 in February 8th, Mr. Zhao spent 9526 yuan in some hotel. "The cashier said only 2% off of online payment, credit card and cash can erase the fraction, but not invoice", Mr. Zhao said that due to a large amount of consumption, he insisted to ask for 9526 yuan of invoice, "said invoice no preferential merchants, finally the credit card brush, gave 9600 yuan hand tore invoice, but their official seal is very vague, it is difficult to scratch the password area". Mr. Zhao asked why there was no invoice, the cashier said that the Harbin restaurant industry unified use of hand torn invoices. Invoice taxpayer is Mr. Zhao another catering company to provide the invoice for the catering industry in Heilongjiang province fixed invoices, invoice stamped with the local tax bureau producer "seal, but the right side of the hotel for Chapter blurred, all invoices are the same password number. The reporter found in the query invoice value of 200 yuan of local tax bureau of Harbin city system code and ticket number, name of the taxpayer "Yum (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. Harbin branch, the company business registration information does not match with someone’s hotel. And 500 yuan invoice can not query any information. 18 at noon, the Inland Revenue Department staff told reporters in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province Local Taxation Bureau Inspection Bureau has received the relevant tax involved Hotel complaints, is currently under investigation, will be open to the public as soon as possible the results of the survey. The police process recordings were released from the local reporter informed sources, at present, the Harbin Market Supervision Bureau has received dozens of Chinese tourists to the hotel complaints involved. According to CCTV reports, yesterday, Jiangsu tourists Chen Yan also announced the process of recording the police, recording by Chen Yan and companions recorded by mobile phone. According to the text, the police have both hands. "Push, I see, there’s a push." The police have repeatedly mentioned that "does the public security organs need punishment procedures?""

全国已有几十起投诉指向“天价鱼”饭店-搜狐新闻  继哈尔滨“天价鱼”涉事饭店被曝出餐饮许可证过期等问题后,昨日,有游客投诉该饭店使用手撕发票真伪不明、公章不全。   哈尔滨市地税局反馈称,黑龙江省地税局稽查局已获悉此事,正在调查涉事饭店的税务状况,将尽快公布结果。   涉事饭店仅提供手撕发票   “一顿鱼就上万,每天的营业额好几十万,很多人都没有发票,是不是偷税漏税了?”不少游客反映,在涉事饭店消费几千上万元却难以拿到发票。   18日上午,上海游客赵先生向记者提供了涉事饭店开具的手撕发票,18张500元,3张200元,共计面值9600元。   2月8日19时,赵先生在涉事饭店消费了9526元。“收银员说网上支付只打9.8折,刷卡和现金可以抹掉零头,但不能开发票”,赵先生表示,由于消费数额较大,他坚持索要9526元的发票,“商家说开发票就没有优惠,最后刷了信用卡,给了9600元的手撕发票,但他们的公章很模糊,密码区很难刮开”。   赵先生询问为何没有机打发票,收银员表示哈尔滨餐饮业统一使用手撕发票。   发票纳税人是另一餐饮公司   赵先生提供的发票抬头为“黑龙江省饮食业定额发票”,发票联盖有“地方税务局监制”印章,但右侧饭店用章模糊不清,所有发票的密码区号码均相同。   记者在哈尔滨市地税局系统查询200元面值发票的代码和票号发现,纳税人名称为“百胜餐饮(沈阳)有限公司哈尔滨分公司”,该公司工商登记信息与涉事饭店不符。而500元面值的发票无法查询到任何信息。   18日中午,哈尔滨市地税局工作人员告诉记者,黑龙江省地税局稽查局已经接到有关涉事饭店纳税问题的投诉,目前正在调查中,将尽快对外公开调查结果。   警方处理过程的录音被公布   记者从当地知情人士处获悉,目前,哈尔滨市场监督管理局已经收到几十起全国游客对涉事饭店的投诉。   据央视报道,昨日,江苏游客陈岩也公布了警方处理过程的录音,录音由陈岩及同伴用手机录制。根据录音内容,警察早知双方动手。“推的动作,我看到了,有推的动作。”警察还多次提到“需不需要公安机关走处罚程序?”相关的主题文章:

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