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The Dalian auto show in Xinghai Square, the car enterprises carrying cars back on October 22-23 America, Dalian Xinghai Square will usher in the long-awaited autumn show. This show, 100 car grand debut, more glamorous supermodels all staged a wonderful show preferential is hitherto unknown! What are you waiting for? On October 22-23, Xinghai Square, look forward to your visit! Exhibition time: October 22-23, 8:30-17:00 Venue: Xinghai Square Exhibition: large scale auto show! The 100 car brand priced direct registration hotline: 0411-82354312 this exhibition, large scale, high grade brands, offers unprecedented intensity, and beautiful cars jostle, trustworthy citizens. More than and 50 world famous car brands gathered in this, the high and low models have battle. Japan, Germany, the United States Department of law, joint venture, independent and readily available. Many car dealers to introduce preferential policies, ranging from 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan, will not bring you the same car experience! In addition to different audition experience site for car friend on a Car Buying value multiple ceremony! The new car decoration spree 1 cars get a value of 35000 yuan! Coating film everything! No longer have to worry car decoration! 2 car free Thailand Yunnan double ten day! Car can travel, in one fell swoop! Ozone water purifier 3 cars get a value of 2980 yuan! 4 car free driving recorder! Before and after the recording is not the same! 5 car free car vacuum cleaner! 6 Car Free American film quantum all around! 7 cars have a chance to get 1000 yuan in cash! 500 oil card! LCD TV!相关的主题文章:

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