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DPP "withdrawal of Sun Zhongshan as" proposal provoked multi opposition – the new Taipei news agency Sohu on 23 February,   (reporter Liu Shuling Chen Yue) with the DPP "legislator" proposal to remove Sun Zhongshan as Chinese, KMT deputy chairman Huang Minhui said 23 will be resolutely blocking the proposal, and criticized the DPP manipulated ethnic antagonism. Huang Minhui day in the social media for posting said the DPP with a majority of seats in the Legislative Yuan, the KMT began to promote the "party bill" and "transfer bill", 22 days and put forward proposals to abolish the portrait of Sun Zhongshan, unfortunately, more can not help shivering. Huang Minhui said, Chen Shuibian is sure that Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s position in 2004, when the DPP’s argument is that in order to ethnic harmony, but did not blush to overturn his argument, this is the manipulation of ethnic antagonism. She is acting chairman of the responsibility to contact the call of the Kuomintang legislator, resolutely stop the proposal into the case. The day of Taiwan’s "United Daily News", "China times" and other major newspapers and public discussion forums published many articles, questioned are poised to take administrative power of the Democratic Progressive Party did not focus on improving the economic livelihood of the people on the first start of the ideological struggle. "United Daily News" 23 editorial more bluntly, the new session of the Taiwan authorities haven’t arrived, the DPP legislators have embarked on cleaning, rewriting history. "Central Daily News" network also pointed out that day, "I believe the law to make out the portrait of" the proposal is just a beginning, the future will have a series of DPP "Chinese" as. But if Cai Yingwen cannot restrain their legislators or political party, "to establish mutual trust, a breakthrough in cross-strait relations, hoping for the impossible". Chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party and Taiwan "election" elect Cai Yingwen 23 days shall exercise the proposal will be classified as the so-called "face the historical truth with transitional justice problems". Cai Yingwen, based on the fuzzy language transformation mouthful, justice mainly aims to let everyone have a chance to discuss, let the society not split in the past historical events. As for what should be included in the discussion of transitional justice, "the establishment of the mechanism, in accordance with the mechanism to go". Author: Liu Shuling Chen Yue 民进党人士“撤孙中山像”提议激起多方反对-搜狐新闻  中新社台北2月23日电  (记者 刘舒凌 陈悦)有民进党“立委”提案撤除孙中山像,中国国民党代理主席黄敏惠23日表示将坚决阻挡该提案,并批评民进党操弄族群对立。  黄敏惠当天在社交媒体连续发文表示,民进党在“立法院”挟过半数席位,开始针对国民党推动“党产条例草案”与“交接条例草案”,22日又提出废止孙中山遗像的提案,令人感到遗憾,更不由得寒颤。  黄敏惠说,陈水扁2004年肯定孙中山先生的地位,当时民进党的说法是为了族群和谐,而今竟然毫不脸红地推翻自己的论点,这是操弄族群对立。她以代理主席之责,联络号召国民党籍“立委”,坚决阻挡该提案成案。  当天台湾《联合报》、《中国时报》等主要报刊民意论坛版面刊发多篇文章,质疑即将接掌行政权的民进党未着眼改善经济民生就先启动意识形态斗争。《联合报》23日社论更直言,新一届台湾当局还没上任,民进党“立委”已开始大肆清洗、改写历史。  《中央日报网路报》当天也指出,相信“修法把遗像拿掉”的提议只是一个开始,民进党未来还会有一连串“去中国化”的作为。但蔡英文若不能约束好自己的“立委”或从政党员,“想要在两岸关系上建立互信,有所突破,根本是缘木求鱼”。  民进党主席、台“大选”当选人蔡英文23日应询时将此提案归类为所谓“面对历史真相跟转型正义的问题”。  蔡英文以模糊、拗口的语言称,转型正义主要目的也在于让大家有个讨论的机会,让社会不会在过去的历史事件里面分裂。至于哪些事情要纳入转型正义的讨论,“在建立机制后,就按照机制来走”。  作者:刘舒凌 陈悦相关的主题文章:

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