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The famous nutritionist very upset: but mom believed the health care debate – Beijing on the right side of these things do you think? Do you feel like it’s happening to you? If you look closely, you will find that these people have a striking similarity – most of them are old people! Why is the old always cheated? Listen to the children of the elderly, medical experts, lawyers, experts on the elderly, psychologists say. Experts believe the case nutrition debate but health care mom recently, an authoritative hospital of Liaoning province famous nutrition expert Liu suck, Mr. Liu in the province and even in the world of nutrition is high visibility, but he could not persuade mother believed the health care regimen. "The pharmacy 10 yuan 2 boxes, health care products for a package to sell 2000 yuan, but I believe this is my mother. The outer packing can be described as "health care spending my mother bought gradually to charming eyes." what lycopene capsules, fish oil, some say anti-aging, some say enhance immunity, and can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. As a doctor, I know this kind of health care products." Mr. Liu said. Mr. Liu said: "I am from theory to practice, from the true story of deception to cheated full parsing, say, my mother is not letter. She said, ‘you are a medical expert, who is an expert on health care, each with its own theory Today, my mother began to fan the so-called traditional Chinese medicine health care products, and that this health care products have no side effects. Really suck, the elderly to buy this, purely psychological effect, I really can not." Data cheated 80% elderly men in recent years, the Shenyang Evening News Hotline 96009-1 almost every day to receive complaints from the elderly cheated. Types of drugs have been cheated back money, financial fraud, etc.. Ren Rui is a senior editor of China’s famous old journals, but also the elderly experts. Rui Ren introduced, they have witnessed the magazine "hoax" column, but the effect is not good, there is still a lot of elderly people cheated. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter survey found that the age of the victims are mainly concentrated in the 60 year old -80 years old men accounted for about 80% of the victims, women accounted for 20%. After the old man found himself cheated only about 10% of the rights of choice, the majority of the elderly by the children to help adults. Have you ever seen these scams? Girls eager to promote health care products: Shenhe District, Mr. Wu’s mother is in good health. More than a year ago, there are two young girls are very enthusiastic to sell health products to her, so she bought to eat. A year later, spent a few million, but eat a problem, the elderly hospitalized two times. Mr. Wu said that the old mother at the same time to eat 8 kinds of health care products, how can not eat disease? To help the villagers to get money that the 70 year old Mr. Gao Shenyang to a bookstore reading, met with a middle-aged friends. In the conversation, the book said Mr. Gao is a fellow, and said he is in Shenyang for villagers, help the villagers, now is the way to engage in fund-raising fellow charity fund, one of the most donated 20 thousand yuan. Mr. Gao thought to help the villagers, immediately put the card 20 thousand strong相关的主题文章:

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