The female netizen was sick and fainted in the bed for 20 minutes to hit

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Female friends burst disease faint in the bed for 20 minutes before they hit the 120 man for man comes home with a female netizen, the female netizen said unwell, drink a few slobber after sudden heart disease faint in the bed, the man did not immediately call 120, but to their friends in 2 calls, a more than 20 minute delay is. The ambulance finally died, nvwang. The family of female netizens brought the man to the court and asked for it to take responsibility. The court finally decided that the man was responsible for 20% and the compensation of more than 24 million yuan. In the first two days, the Ningbo court of court revealed such a case. The female netizen suddenly fainted in the men’s house last January, and Mr. Pan, the citizen, suddenly received a bad news, saying that his wife, Ms. Liang, died. He could not believe it, because he had never heard of any discomfort in his wife. He sent his wife to the hospital, a net friend that his wife had known on the Internet in the previous period. His wife fell to Chen’s house on the night of the incident. Chen said, that night he told Ms. liang from Jiangbei back to his home downstairs two people go upstairs, Ms. Liang called "sick", so he let her in the corridor waiting for him, then quickly returned to the room to get the charger, Ms. Liang also came up, still shouting uncomfortable, so he gave her a glass of water, did not think she drank a few mouth, fainted on the bed. Because Ms. Liang died in a strange way, 2 days later, the police made an autopsy. Police told Mr. Pan that his wife died of acute heart failure caused by coronary atherosclerotic heart attacks. Doctors who are involved in first aid say the disease is dangerous, and in serious cases, there may be no chance of survival after 5-10 minutes. Though he ruled out homicide, Mr. Pan still felt that his wife’s death could not be related to Chen’s death. Especially after that, he found out that two people had frequent phone calls on his back. Police investigation also showed that after Ms. Liang’s physical discomfort, Chen didn’t dial the 120 time for the first time, and even made a 2 phone call with a friend of her, after more than 20 minutes’ delay, he was able to dial 120. "My wife is usually healthy and never has a history of heart disease. There is no special cause for a sudden heart attack. After my wife’s physical discomfort, his house was only a few hundred meters away from the hospital. It didn’t take much time to carry it back, but it didn’t fulfill the obligation of timely rescue, so that it delayed the best time to save my wife. Mr. Pan said. The family claims more than 60 yuan. In June of last year, Mr. Pan and his parents, 5 of them, took the court to court. They thought that for Chen’s death, Chen should bear 50% responsibility and claim 60 yuan for him. However, Chen believed that after his illness, his rescue was timely, and he also paid the corresponding cost of salvage and fulfilled the corresponding obligation of rescue. There was no fault. He wanted to dismiss Mr. Pan’s lawsuit request. Ms. Liang did not have the first time to dial 120 after her sudden physical discomfort. It’s a focal point of controversy to call a friend first, which is related to whether he has made timely rescue obligations. Chen’s friend is a taxi driver. In the process of hearing the case, the judge found the brother and made a record of inquiry. The elder brother said he received 2 calls from Chen on the same night. The first phone was at 7:53 in the evening, the second phone was 8:16 at that night, and the interval between the two phones was 23 minutes. The first phone Chen tone very anxious, said he was in trouble, but did not specifically say what it is, so he quickly drove over to help; second calls to tell him that a friend fainted at his home. Chen received the first phone call, he told Chen, his car stuck in the Ningbo Airport, that is someone fainted after he let Chen hurried to find our own way. After the second call 3 minutes later, Chen finally hit 120, 6 minutes after the ambulance arrived Chen home downstairs, 16 minutes later, she was sent to the hospital, but the doctor has irretrievable. The court held that the man took 20% responsibility. The court held that Liang died of heart disease and did not have the highest duty of care for his health. First of all, I should take the main responsibility. In the evening, Mrs. Liang and Chen came into Chen’s family. When she had serious symptoms, Chen’s family was a relatively independent place. As a person who may not be able to carry out the rescue at the time of the dangerous situation, Chen has a positive relief obligation, and also has the conditions and ability to fulfill the relief obligation. Although her specific onset time cannot be ascertained, but can be identified to hit the first call to a friend ‘s brother Chen, Ms. Liang has serious symptoms, because Chen does not have the professional knowledge of first aid, in accordance with the law of daily life experience, Ms. Liang appeared in severe symptoms, Chen should promptly call 120 for help. To a professional organization with emergency and first aid equipment. But Chen had been calling for help for nearly 26 minutes before calling for 120. The improper and delayed rescue method delayed the rescue time of Ms. Liang, which led to the fact that she could not be sent to the hospital in the shortest time, and reduced her chances of survival. Therefore, Chen didn’t perform the duty of rescue timely and properly. There was a fault. Although it had no direct causal relationship with Liang’s illness, it had a certain causal relationship with the consequences of death, and it should take some responsibility to deal with the death of Liang. Combined with the merits of the case and taking into account the judicial value guidance of the kind of social kindness, the court finally decided that Chen was responsible for 20% of the compensation, that is, more than 24 yuan.

女网友突发病晕倒在床上 男子耽搁20分钟才打120男子带着女网友回家,结果女网友说身体不舒服,喝完几口水后突发心脏病晕倒在床上,男子没有马上拨打120,反而给自己朋友打了2个电话,耽误了20多分钟才叫了急救车,最终女网友不治身亡。女网友家属把男子告上法庭,要求其承担责任,最终法院判决男子承担20%的责任,赔偿24万余元。前两天,宁波法院网披露了这么一起案件。女网友在男子家中突然晕倒去年1月,市民潘先生突然接到噩耗,说他老婆梁女士死了。他简直不敢相信,因为他平时从未听妻子说起身体有任何不适。送他妻子去医院的,是他妻子前段时间在网上认识的一名网友陈某。事发当晚,他妻子倒在陈某家中。陈某说,那晚他跟梁女士一起从江北回来,到他家楼下两人一起上楼时,梁女士就喊“身体不舒服”,于是他让梁女士在楼道等一等他,赶紧回房拿充电器,这时梁女士也走了上来,仍然喊难受,于是他给梁女士倒了一杯水,没想到她喝完几口后,就晕倒在了床上。因为梁女士死得蹊跷,2天后警方做了尸检。警方告知潘先生,他妻子死于“冠状动脉粥样硬化心脏病发作致急性心力衰竭死亡”。参与急救的医生称,这种病发起来凶险,严重情况下,可能5-10分钟之后就没有生存机会。虽然排除他杀,但潘先生仍觉得妻子的死跟陈某脱不了关系,尤其是事后他通过妻子的手机通话记录查到,事发前一段时间,两人背着他有频繁的通话记录。警方调查也显示,在梁女士身体突发不适后,陈某并没有第一时间拨打120,而跟自己一个朋友连打2个电话,耽搁20多分钟后,才拨120。“我老婆平时身体健康,从来没有心脏病史,没有特殊诱因是不可能突发心脏病的。在我老婆出现身体不适后,他的家明明离医院只有几百米,背过去也要不了多长时间,却没尽到及时救助的义务,以致耽误了我老婆的最佳抢救时机。”潘先生说。家属索赔60余万元去年6月,潘先生以及女儿和梁女士的父母5人将陈某告上法庭,认为对于梁女士的死,陈某至少应承担50%的责任,向他索赔60余万元。但陈某却认为,梁女士病发后他的救助是及时的,而且还垫付了相应的抢救费用,尽到相应的救助义务,并不存在过错,要求驳回潘先生一家的诉讼请求。梁女士身体突发不适后,为什么陈某没有第一时间拨打120,而要先跟自己的一个朋友打电话,关系着他有没有尽到及时的救助义务,成了庭审中争议的一个焦点。陈某的朋友是一名出租车司机,案件审理过程中,主审法官找到这名的哥,做了一份询问笔录。的哥称,当晚他接到陈某2个电话,第一个电话在晚上7点53分,第二个电话在当晚8点16分,两个电话之间间隔了23分钟。第一个电话陈某语气挺着急,说自己闯祸了,但没具体说是什么事情,让他赶紧开车过来帮忙;第二个电话才告诉他,有个朋友在其家中晕倒。接到陈某第一个电话,他就告诉陈某,他的车堵在栎社机场,在得知是有人晕倒后,他让陈某赶紧自己想办法。打完第二个电话3分钟后,陈某最终打了120,6分钟后救护车赶到陈某家楼下,16分钟后,梁女士被送到医院,但医生已回天无力。法院判男子承担20%的责任法院认为,梁女士死于心脏病,没有对自己的健康状况尽到最高注意义务,首先,本人应承担主要责任。当晚梁女士与陈某一同进入陈某家中,当她出现严重不适症状时,陈某的家是一个相对独立的场所,当时也只有陈某一人在场。作为危险情况发生时非他莫属的可实施施救的人,陈某具有积极的救助义务,且也有条件和能力履行救助义务。虽然梁女士具体发病时间无法查明,但可以认定在陈某给的哥朋友打第一个电话时,梁女士已出现严重不适症状,因为陈某不具有专业的急救知识,按照日常生活经验法则,在梁女士出现严重不适症状时,陈某应及时拨打120,向具有急救能力和急救设备的专业机构求助。可陈某却在向的哥求助后将近26分钟才拨打120,这种不当的、迟延的救助方式,延误了梁女士的抢救时间,导致梁女士无法在最短时间内被送到医院就医,减少了她的生存机会。因此,陈某未及时、妥善履行救助义务,存在过错,虽与梁女士的病发无直接因果关系,但与死亡后果具有一定的因果关系,应对梁女士的死亡承担一定的责任。结合案情,同时兼顾倡导社会善良风尚的司法价值导向,法院最终酌情认定陈某承担20%的赔偿责任,即24万余元。相关的主题文章:

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