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The first day of the test application greatly increased the number of the selected graduates’ job – touted Beijing candidates affected the new policy and the merger of selected graduates village registration yesterday was 2017 "Beijing positive test" the first day of registration, the Beijing morning news reporter according to the Application Statistics registration system release, stop 15, 1275 people have been successful payment a total of 197, apply for jobs, the total number of jobs 9.2%. It is worth mentioning that, in 2017 in Beijing city and college-graduate village official selected graduates began to implement the merger, but also to participate in the Beijing civil service examination. The new policy allows candidates especially attention and active enrollment, enrollment from yesterday’s post, selected graduates by the blitz. The first day of enrollment increased significantly compared to last year, the first day of registration, only 3 people to pay the success of this year, Beijing exam enrollment fee increase in the number of successful people, followed by the national test back to the temperature. In many jobs, "Beijing City Public Security Bureau Changping branch" and "police line law enforcement positions" post payment successfully reached up to 278 people for the job most of the current number of payment, the job plan recruiting 63 people, including recruiting 57 men, 6 women. The competitive ratio is 4.41:1. This position has other requirements: the administrative relationship between Beijing city resident accounts, personnel candidates in Beijing have graduated from normal graduates in 2017 in Beijing; students can graduate candidates to be normal; non Beijing students should be bachelor degree or above, graduated from normal, the appropriate degree, and comply with the relevant conditions to introduce non Beijing students candidates the city of Beijing. Compared to other positions, job conditions slightly relaxed. But at the same time, as of yesterday, 15, 2136 positions to recruit civil servants in Beijing, there are still 1939 jobs no candidates, accounting for all 90% jobs. In this regard, experts said, candidates keen to apply for a professional, educational background, work experience at the grassroots level, political landscape and other low threshold positions, the condition is broad is the primary choice of candidates. But the candidates should according to their own rational candidates, must not blindly pursue "unlimited" position, because the choice of position cannot change after newspaper, if later found job overheating, competition pressure is too large, it is too late. "The selected graduates" post merger policy touted new village and transferring students started this year, means for the candidates, the 2017 college-graduate village official (selected graduates) also participated in the Beijing civil service exam, so students can not be like 2016 in both the "Beijing test", and for village or for selected graduates. It can only make a choice in the exam. From enrollment yesterday, selected graduates jobs by the Blitz, expert analysis, the new policy is very likely and selected graduates and village merger, especially attaches great importance to and actively make the examinee registration. From the first day of the situation, to apply for units of heat are mainly concentrated in Tongzhou District human resources and Social Security Bureau, Chaoyang District human resources and Social Security Bureau, Fangshan District human resources and Social Security Bureau, to apply for jobs are selected graduates job, and through the qualification examination of the number reached more than 10 people. For now, these three Dan Lin相关的主题文章:

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