The first half of 8 the northeast special steel bond default program of debt is still not. kaya scodelario

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The first half of 8 the northeast special steel bond default repayment plans still did not affect less than half the time, large state-owned enterprises Liaoning province northeast special steel Refco Group Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "northeast special steel") has appeared 8 times of bond defaults. In September 7th, the Shanghai Clearing House announced that the 2013 annual second in Northeast non-public debt financing instruments (bonds referred to: 13 dongte steel PPN002) should be on September 6, 2016 payment of principal and interest. But at the end of the day to honor the northeast special steel to raise full debt service funds, "13 East steel PPN002" can not be repaid in full, constitutes a substantial breach. "13 East steel PPN002 issued a total of 300 million yuan, the lead underwriter for the Ping An Bank Ltd, the date of payment of the amount of 324 million 900 thousand yuan to pay. According to the announcement, the northeast special steel through a variety of ways to actively raise funds, and will be completed as soon as possible "13 East steel PPN002 payment. Dongbei special steel said, will actively raise external funds; strengthen enterprise management, through the efforts of their own operating cash flow to pay the bonds; soaring debt financing instruments subsequent efforts at maturity. In March 28th this year, issued the "15 East northeast special steel special steel CP001 declared in default, open the local state-owned enterprises bond defaults. The bond defaults, but also like to overthrow Domino. Since then, the northeast special steel bond default all subsequent. At present, the Northeast Special Steel in less than half the time appeared in a total of 8 bond defaults, totaling 3 billion 688 million yuan. Is a large northeast special steel special steel production enterprises from Dalian iron and Steel Group, Fushun Special Steel Group Beiman Special Steel Group in September 2004, the reorganization of the. Liaoning province SASAC direct and indirect 68.81% stake, as the actual controller of Dongbei special steel. Some analysts said that although the northeast special steel to maintain profitability in recent years, but the profit is small, and the company of other receivables is large, capital occupied large scale and long time. Surging news (excluding) access to the previous data, in recent years the economic downturn caused the steel industry slump and other factors, the 30 billion technological upgrading in Northeast investment scale is too large or the fundamental reasons of the debt ridden northeast special steel. Today, 2015 Northeast Special Steel audit report, 2016 annual financial report and the first quarter of 2016 semi annual financial reports are not released. CDB financial data disclosure, as of 9 at the end of 2015, the northeast special steel the total assets of 52 billion 726 million yuan, total liabilities amounted to 44 billion 473 million yuan, asset liability ratio of 84.35%, the company is facing greater liquidity pressures. In order to urge the northeast special steel as soon as possible to repay the debt, the end of July, the Northeast Special Steel several bond default underwriters held third holders meeting in Liaoning Dalian. Among them, the creditor demands a written commitment to the northeast special steel bond will not debt, not malicious taofeizhai "," non holders of unity, the northeast special steel should stop and solve the debt crisis, there is no direct relation between the single or the cumulative amount of more than 10 million yuan of financial expenditure, payable except "employee compensation and security production business financial expenditure bill. In addition, part.相关的主题文章:

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