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The first postpartum holiday tips, please be careful to treat the mother! – Sohu as long as the mother has been breast-feeding will not come menstruation? Postpartum did not come menstruation does not have oviposit, sexual life can not use contraceptive? Breastfeeding during her first period, will not be able to feed the milk? For the first postpartum period, many new mothers are scanty, often into some misunderstanding. Now tell the first period should be how to prepare for new mothers postpartum. What was the first postpartum period error 1, postpartum holidays? No new mothers breast-feeding, generally within 3 months after delivery, patients will report to. But there are a few people to recover after 4 months in the postpartum period. Breastfeeding mother, period and ovulation recovery will be a little later, at about 4-6 months postpartum. But the difference of everyone’s great: some mothers during breast-feeding period has not come; some mothers even in postpartum lactation, the first month of vacation would report on time; some breastfeeding mothers in the postpartum 1 years recovery period, these are likely to occur the phenomenon. After the first period of time is not fixed, even after the tide, also can go menopause one or two months or even longer period of time, mothers will need to return to normal menstrual cycle. 2, breast-feeding mother will not come menstruation? Generally speaking, a breastfeeding mother menstruation will be delayed, but there are a few breastfeeding mothers less milk, infant sucking stimulation is not normal, not the rule, not simply breastfeeding, may also add other auxiliary food, prolactin secretion, menstrual suppression mechanism is weakened, so that the return of menses. Therefore, lactating mothers, it is possible to period. 3, can not feed after menstruation? Under normal circumstances, 11 days to 4 months postpartum breast milk quality best. After menstruation, milk fat concentration than usual, reduced protein increased, the milk to the baby no harm. In order to avoid the milk concentration and composition change, the mother can drink boiling water in the menstrual period, eat more fish, milk and soup. 4 months postpartum, menstruation also need not weaned, the amount of milk is not enough, you can add milk and rice paste and other auxiliary food. As the first period postpartum 8 months to come, you can give baby weaning, daily feeding reduced times, adding auxiliary food consumption. 4, did not come to vacation leave not ovulation? Some mothers would think that before the first menstrual period, the ovaries were not ovulating, so there was no need for contraception. Actually not correct. Because of the fact that some women in the first postpartum before menstruation, ovulation has the ability, therefore, when the start of contraception? The answer is, postpartum sexual life, it is necessary to carry out contraception. Then talked about the methods of contraception, pregnancy and in fact are the same, but the hormonal contraceptive method will suppress the secretion of breast milk, is not suitable for feeding women. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baomakt (male)相关的主题文章:

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