The first Silk Road (Jiayuguan) International RV Expo curtain (Figure) – Beijing

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The first Silk Road (Jiayuguan) International RV Expo curtain (Figure) – Beijing, more than 100 vehicles from cars of different brands at home and abroad, and more than 300 RV travel enthusiasts, experience and more than 50 domestic hundred travel agencies in Jiayuguan as the center of the four boutique tourist routes and study experience, feel the silk the magnificent scenery along the road. Yang Yanmin photo Beijing, Gansu, Jiayuguan, September 28, September 28th (Feng Zhijun Li Yalong), the first Silk Road (Jiayuguan) International Expo in Gansu city of Jiayuguan Gobi car curtain. It will show through the domestic and international mainstream car brand, build the RV business platform for exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the integration of the Silk Road RV camping and tourism industry, promote the development of tourism industry and the countries along the RV Belt and Road Initiative ". On the day of the opening ceremony, to attract domestic relevant associations and Expo exhibitors, exhibition planning operators, dealers, car, camping, tourism experts, scholars, business travel, car travel experience more than a thousand people in. In "the world Xiongguan silk road conditions, car travel to Gansu" as the theme of the Expo, the car in Gansu province industry and Information Committee, Gansu Provincial Tourism Development Committee, the Jiayuguan municipal government, China Electronics Technology Group, Chinese Automotive Industry Association (RV) committee. During a car theme of the forum, the project signing ceremony, RV and related products show the main activities, and promote the night exchange activities, car parade and other activities of ductility. Qu Guochun, deputy director of the Ministry of equipment industry division said that the automobile industry is the pillar industry of national economy, car industry is an important part of the automobile industry, since the car entered China and independent production, the success in its development change rapidly, has formed a complete industrial chain. Especially after a series of national policies, corporate investment car industry enthusiasm, market pull effect is very obvious. "2015 national car production and ownership reached 15 thousand cars and 40 thousand vehicles, car industry development momentum, the situation is gratifying." Qu Guochun believes that Gansu has a long history, splendid culture, vast territory, rich in resources, especially the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" since the construction, Gansu has become a frontier national opening to the west, has a huge development potential and broad space for development. Qu Guochun said, Jiayuguan city is Chinese mainland to Xinjiang and Central Asia, West Asia, Europe throat roads, traffic conditions, strong industrial base. Here is not only a perfect car travel, car is the development of the whole industry chain of ideal. It is understood that the Expo exhibition area of about 40 thousand square meters, divided into display, car accessories car vehicle display, outdoor display, high-end products and infrastructure demonstration five theme exhibition, showcasing the car culture and car industry chain. About more than 50 enterprises, more than 40 car car related products enterprises, nearly 400 cars come to the exhibition. Jiayuguan municipal Party committee secretary Liu Peng said that Jiayuguan is an important node in the Silk Road Economic Zone with the golden section of Gansu City, rich and unique tourism resources, deep historical and cultural heritage相关的主题文章:

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