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The fish do like this National Day holiday must try – Sohu eat and drink immediately is the eleven holiday, what are the pro? Is to go out to play or rest at home? No matter what, in advance I wish everyone a happy holiday ~ do not go out to play pro at home can give family to do some dishes to expose a Oh ~ here to introduce you to a meal, at home are suitable for chrysanthemum fish. Chrysanthemum fish is a traditional dish, because the blade special dish, like a blossoming flower, bright color, taste sweet and sour appetizer, crisp is extremely delicious. The day before the eighth session of the world Chinese cooking contest for the first time landing in Europe, at the start of the Holland Rotterdam hot. This is the Chinese Olympic Games, in the field of Chinese food extremely high status. Therefore, to attract the world’s top Chinese chefs to participate in, much attention. In this contest, the COFCO team battle pack, with impressive results all organizations and individuals (hot and cold dish, pastry and dessert) five gold. In the award-winning dishes, there is this "chrysanthemum fish". After the game, the winning chef said that got the judges and the presence of all the people and the whole European food and beverage industry recognized, because the key is used throughout the fortune gold producing corn oil. The corn oil is not greasy, fresh and mellow. To make use of its dishes, refreshing taste; deep fry foods taste more crisp. In addition, it does not contain cholesterol, is a very healthy edible oil. It is worth mentioning that the corn oil can not only what the daily cooking, baking can also use it. This is because corn oil is the smallest of all vegetable oils. Use it to make cakes, bread or something, it will not affect the original taste. And the price is affordable, it is suitable for our daily use. The first step in the preparation of specific methods: prepare ingredients. Grass carp, ginger, ginger, tomato sauce. (it can be replaced with other fish, as long as some flesh can) step second: started to pick up the fish. Remove the fish from the gills to the internal organs and the black membrane of the abdomen (this can help with the sale of fish). After cleaning the fish with a knife scrape the surface mucus. (this step a fishy, and save a short while the fish cutting slip) third step: in the head and tail of the cutting knife, and then put the line out (double to line). Figure fourth: put the head cut down. The fifth step: a hand with a dry cloth on the fish, the other hand with a knife against the side of the fish the fish pieces down the spine. Step sixth: the fish cut down. (on both sides to cut down) the seventh step: fish skin down on the chopping board, knife cut down all the fish belly, as shown in Figure eighth: there is only one piece of complete fish now, we began to cut the petals. Knife tilt, starting from the tail, into 3 ml thick slices. Note that before a few slices, skin part must not cut off. Cut sixth slices, then cut off the skin. As shown in Figure ninth: cut the pieces neatly stacked, and then cut. Note that the skin is not to cut off. Then according to this knife, put all the fish fillet end. )相关的主题文章:

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