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The five day break million "Tokyo adventure" embarrassed the explosion struck by the Tianjin cultural entertainment Sohu – Mars Co. Ltd and Shanghai dream trip Culture Communication Co., Ltd. jointly produced, Tianjin Mars culture Limited exclusive issue of urban adventure comedy film "embarrassed on adventure of Tokyo" (hereinafter referred to as "embarrassed since day") since August 23rd the exclusive on-line in the music video, it caused a lot of friends and fans watching, only the line of the 5 day record breaking hits 10 million success, even micro-blog was once one of hot topics and set off a discussion upsurge, become this year’s summer gear on the tail and a suction eye masterpiece. The film directed by new young director He Tairan, Chen Lei, Taliff, Wang Jingxi, Chen Xiao, Feng Kaiyun, Shen Yunfei, Gong Jun, Yako Kumi and other idol actor co starring with seductive, creative and sophisticated production, in the fierce market network has become a popular hot film fans mad pursuit of. In the "day" embarrassed broken million, the film side also released a version of "Strike while the iron is hot." Q version of the poster, unlike the past, the poster did not see the three male figure, their wife has become the protagonist of this poster. It is understood that the "embarrassed day" is about three of married men from Japan wife to prostitution and Lieyan, but their wives also followed came to Japan, and the occurrence of a series of funny interactive story, so this trip to Tokyo is more than three men Lieyan trip, also belong to the three an adorable girl adventure story, the Q version of the poster is based on the starting point of the. Overall, the Q version of the poster showing a strong Japanese style, fully demonstrated the concept of "beautiful enough to feast the eyes". Three women wearing kimono avatar sexy comic beauty, in the food dish, Tuna, salmon, Vasabi, sushi sushi cherry cake and other kinds of classic Japanese food around, with three women holding or face, or suck, sugar or other temptations attitude, this poster is "live", let people can’t wait to know the male and female owners of the trip to Tokyo is what. From the point of view of the characters, the Q version of the poster in the three comic beauty from left to right in order to restore the heroine of the play actor Chen Xiao, Shen Yunfei and Feng Kaiyun. Dressed in a white kimono is "Lin Chi Ling, said Chen Xiao, she played a gentle clingy wife in the play, the trip to Tokyo met his first love; the middle red kimono is" normal campus Belle "Shen Yunfei, she played a Zhagang harsh, love supreme little wife in the play; blue kimono is both Yan values and acting Feng Kaiyun, who played a dedication to career woman in the play. To see such a sexy and budding wife, ask why three men threw his wife to go to Tokyo to go? Want to know more details, quickly click music video, see "day" tour you embarrassed!相关的主题文章:

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