The five will play Memphis open to break a record 27 years

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The United States has played five Memphis open to break the five American Teenager in Memphis in 2016 27 years ago, a record for the open on Monday local time officially kicked off. This year, a record number of five under the age of 20 American Teenager played the race, and a total of up to 13 American players in the race to sign the list, is the second in 2010 (14) to the largest number of session.   Fulitezi (18 years old), Paul (18 years old), TIA Philippines (18 years old), Moha (18 years old) and Donald Sen (19 years old) five fellows with a photo in front of the The Racquet Club Hotel in Memphis to celebrate the 40th anniversary anniversary of this event. Moehau and Donaldson by qualifying for, the other three will gain a wild card. The five American Teenager under the age of 20 the signing table in the race the same events, breaking the record. In 1989, there was four under the age of 20 American Teenager record maintained a 27 year record. The four fellows will eventually become a Grand Slam winner, they are Agassi, Michael Chang, and Sampras admitted to rui. 美国五小将出战孟菲斯公开赛 打破27年前一纪录 出战的五位美国小将   2016年孟菲斯公开赛于当地时间周一正式拉开帷幕。今年,有破纪录的五位不满20岁的美国小将出战正赛,而一共有多达13位美国选手出现在正赛签表中,是继2010年(14位)来数量最多的一届。    弗利特兹(18岁)、保罗(18岁)、蒂亚菲(18岁)、莫哈(18岁)和唐纳德森(19岁)五位小将一起在孟菲斯网球俱乐部门前合影,庆祝此赛事40周年志庆。莫哈和唐纳德森通过资格赛晋级,而另外三位则收获了外卡。   此次五位不满20岁的美国小将出现在同一赛事的正赛签表里,打破了历史纪录。在1989年,曾经有四位不满20岁的美国小将创下了保持了27年的纪录。那四位小将最终都成为了大满贯得主,他们分别是阿加西、张德培、考瑞儿和桑普拉斯。相关的主题文章:

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