The freshman rode 24 days across five provinces through a typhoon to arrive in

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The new Fu Normal University riding 24 days across five provinces through the typhoon arrived in Fuzhou Strait news network September 20th (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Chen Kun correspondent Lin Yezi Ventura) Overseas Education College of Fujian Normal University International Education of Chinese professional freshmen in Yunnan, starting from August 25th, Guangdong, Guangxi, across Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian five provinces, is expected to in 23 days of riding to Fuzhou. At 10:50 on the 17 morning, "riding a new student" Zhu Xian arrived at the Cangshan campus of Fujian Normal University. After 24 days of riding, he didn’t have much weakness. Before the typhoon was delayed for a day, wanted to take the train, but I think to stay the course, so the two day trip in a hurry. Today, it’s fifty kilometers, not tired. " Zhu Xian said. In the most difficult time, even climbing twenty slopes 17 days at 8 in the morning, the two brothers started from Fuqing and went to Fu Shi Da to report. "According to the original plan, it should have arrived in Fuzhou at 6 last night." Zhu Xian’s brother said, this way, the two brothers because of erratic weather, delayed a lot of time, it is necessary to re modify, almost every few days to plan. On the way from Huizhou, Guangdong to Lufeng County, the storm continued for four or five days. Two people had to take advantage of the clearer weather to speed up, so that they could get to school on time. But after the weather clears up, the hot sun also brings them a little trouble. Zhu Xian showed his wrist, a dark mark between the wrist, like a scar. Zhu Xian joked that the road was tanned and heard that Fuzhou would be white, and look at the sun in Fuzhou, and suddenly felt that "whitening" was hopeless. When asked the hardest time between the roads, the two brothers said the most impressions were from Luoping, Yunnan, to Baise, Guangxi. The endless steep slope kept two people up and down. Just ten kilometers of road, to go through twenty slope, feel the body is empty". During the ride to ride in to coincide with the "Meranti" hit Fujian, the two brothers started did not care. "We haven’t heard of the typhoon, and we want to go on riding in the rain, but we have been persuaded by my friends to rest for a day." The brother said that the night of Xiamen’s arrival in Quanzhou, the typhoon was just going to land. I was going to take a train from Quanzhou to Putian and end up in advance. "It’s more important to report on time." The brother said. But the brother does not agree. "To stay the course." Under Zhu Xian’s insistence, the two brothers had been recupering in Quanzhou for a day, and immediately after the departure of the typhoon. "I still feel a bit horrifying." Zhu Xian said that the front foot just left Xiamen, second days out of Xiamen was hit by a variety of news of the typhoon, let the brothers have a lingering heart. The brothers said that the typhoon, two people in the Quanzhou house mengtoutaishui, enjoy the rare typhoon "false", later seen typhoon terror. Although Tian Lan Shan Cui looked forward to college life, though he had gone through many trials and hardships, Zhu Xian spent his birthday in riding and the Mid Autumn Festival with typhoon, which meant a lot to him. "I like Fujian very much, before I came to know it." In his cycling, his brother also arranged for him "Xiamen tour around the island". In Xiamen, Zhu Xian met in advance with his future classmate, Zhang. Zhang Yang took him in Xiamen street, eat a lot of delicious, let him to Fujian. On a more. Zhang Yang said, "a brother" to see that he is a liberal and dignified, handsome sunshine, very polite gentleman "". "The sky in Fuzhou is very blue, as beautiful as our hometown." Zhu Xian was also highly praised for the air in Fuzhou. "I think the greening of Fuzhou is really good. There are a lot of trees along the road, like a picture." After University of Changan Mountain Park, "Master" Zhu Xianreng in praise, "the normal slope is climbing exercise every day, very good." He began to plan the route of the movement in a decent way. "I like Fujian very much. It’s good here and people are enthusiastic." After entering the school door, "be surrounded", let Zhu Xian some shy. He wanted to spend four happy years in his favorite city. (channel network) >

福师大新生骑行24天跨越五省 穿过台风抵达福州海峡网9月20日讯(海峡都市报(微博)记者 陈锟 通讯员 林烨梓 文 图)福建师范大学海外教育学院“汉语国际教育”专业的云南新生,从8月25日出发,跨越云南、广东、广西、贵州、福建五省区,预计用时23天骑行来福州报到。17日上午10时50分,“骑行新生”朱贤顺利抵达福建师范大学仓山校区。经过24天的骑行,他却没有多少疲态。“之前被台风耽搁了一天,本想坐动车了,但我觉得要有始有终,所以这两天在赶行程。今天就骑了五十公里,不累。”朱贤说道。最艰难时 连爬二十几个坡17日上午8时,兄弟二人从福清出发,前往福师大报到。“按原定计划,本来昨晚6点就应该抵达福州了。”朱贤的哥哥介绍说,这一路上,兄弟俩因为飘忽不定的天气,耽搁了不少时间,几乎每隔几天就要重新修改、制定计划。在从广东省的惠州市到陆丰县途中,暴雨接连下了四五天,两人不得不趁着天气放晴的间隙加快速度,以便准时到校。但天气放晴后,灼热的烈日也给他们带来不小的困扰。朱贤展示了一下自己的手腕,腕间一道深色的印痕十分显眼,犹如疤痕。朱贤打趣道,一路上被晒黑了,听人说到了福州会变白,可看看福州的太阳,顿时觉得“美白”无望了。问起路途间最艰难的时刻,兄弟俩表示,印象最深的是从云南罗平到广西百色的那一段路途。没完没了的陡坡让两人不停地上上下下。短短十公里路,要经过二十来个坡,感觉身体“被掏空”。风雨飘摇 坚持骑行到校骑行期间恰逢“莫兰蒂”袭闽,兄弟二人一开始却没在意。“我们没听说过台风,还想冒雨继续骑,还好被朋友劝住,休息了一天。”哥哥说,离开厦门抵达泉州的那天晚上,刚好台风将登陆。本来打算从泉州坐动车去莆田,提前结束骑行。“准时报到比较重要。”哥哥说。可弟弟却不同意。“要有始有终嘛。”在朱贤的坚持下,兄弟二人在泉州休整了一天,等台风离去后立刻赶路。“还是觉得有些恐怖的。”朱贤说,前脚刚离开厦门,第二天就传出厦门被台风袭击的各种消息,让兄弟俩心有余悸。兄弟俩说,台风来的那天,两人在泉州的屋子里蒙头大睡,享受难得的“台风假”,事后才见识了台风的恐怖。天蓝山翠期待大学生活虽然历经风雨,但朱贤在骑行中度过了自己的生日和带着台风的中秋,对他来说意义非凡。“我很喜欢福建,来之前就特意了解过了。”骑行中,哥哥还刻意为他安排了“厦门环岛游”。在厦门,朱贤提前和未来的同学张旸见了面。张旸带着他在厦门走街串巷,吃了很多好吃的,让他对福建的好感更上一层。张旸说,见到“贤哥”时觉得他帅气阳光,落落大方,是个很有礼貌的“绅士”。“福州的天很蓝,跟我们家乡的一样美。”朱贤对福州的空气也赞不绝口。“我觉得福州的绿化真的很好,沿路上很多树,像一幅画一样。”经过师大长安山公园时,“运动达人”朱贤仍在夸赞着,“师大的坡真好,每天爬坡锻炼身体,很不错。”他一本正经地开始规划着运动的路线。“我很喜欢福建,这儿山好水好,人也热情。”进校门后“被围观”,让朱贤有些害羞。他希望自己在喜欢的城市,度过愉快的四年。(海峡网)>相关的主题文章:

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