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The global server market waves, who is the most stable who the most turbulent? Sohu science and technology mountain fish / analysis of a map of the world, why look for information? A figure known to the world, drawing a global server market before the five market trends in the IDC open, since the five quarter of 2015 to 2016 of Q2 Q2, the most stable performance is actually Lenovo, the most obvious trend is the rise of Dell, the most powerful is IBM wave. It’s interesting, but why? Although HPE has maintained the top spot in the global server market position, but show a "M" trend, since five quarter market share than the lowest of all the friends, but the overall trend, in 2016 Q2 has almost returned to the lowest point since the five quarter. Simply HPE global server business is relatively stable, even if there are fluctuations in the frequency does not affect its ranking of the world’s oldest, but this trend is basically a small flat wave propulsion, it is difficult to see the HPE can exhibit strong growth momentum. It also illustrates the global server market has reached a plateau of development period, the user to purchase the saturation and rational performance is very strong, no matter how the server manufacturers supply innovation, it is hard to obtain a strong upward surge. Mature market natural mature market play, gentle wave is not bad, just afraid of the whole server market are in the gentle waves of the shrouded, what to do? The global Lenovo server market is surprisingly stable trend, has become almost a straight line, indicating that the Lenovo in the process of server dual brand strategy, indeed stabilize the basic position in the global server market Lenovo, unfortunately, there is no obvious soared. May, the mature server market has long been allowed to show the trend of the surge chart. Since the five quarter of Lenovo in promoting the brand strategy under the double impact on the server, China server market is quite deep, plus OPEN+ and IT this strategy may onrush, the next few quarters, Lenovo overall performance in the global server market, there should be some new wave. Dell in the five quarters of the global server market trend is relatively satisfactory, a significant increase in the curve is very important. Why is Dell so healthy? This Dell server strategy inseparable, as the best playmate of Intel, Dell and CPU server every time with the development of technology innovation, and innovation is the industry to quickly push server products. In the next few quarters, Dell is likely to get more obvious upward trend, after the integration of Dell and EMC from the Dell server in the server business will be to bring new strength and before. Cisco global server performance in the five quarter is relatively stable, slightly inferior to the linear trend of Lenovo. For the majority of server vendors,.相关的主题文章:

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