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The Great Wall martial artists singing CCTV "flash" military pushed Yan Weiwen, Lv Jihong, Tong Tiexin, Cai Guoqing, Sun Jinjun sang the the Great Wall snow photography CCTV military program "October the Great Wall flash video address:" sound power, martial music is popular "the autumn season, the the Great Wall on a sea of joy! Song of the sea! CCTV military program center, to celebrate the 67 anniversary of special planning to organize a "the Great Wall song flash" activities. This is also the general director Wei Chenxia following the August army Bo flash and 93 Airlines Bo flash after the third flash works". Yan Weiwen, Tong Tiexin, Lv Jihong, tourists snow Cai Guoqing and other famous martial artists and eight party sang together for the motherland birthday celebration. The artists sang the song "1234", "the Great Wall", "I love this blue ocean", "I love the blue sky of the motherland", "when the day is coming" and other songs live off the audience for having heard it many times, and a gust of climax. Activities in the process, there are tourists stopped to join the singing team. After the event, visitors are reluctant to leave, some people take the initiative to adjust the lead, lead you have just sung duet art song head, the Great Wall became the ocean song…… Yan Weiwen, snow and Cai Guoqing 3 martial artists, are second times in the song "flash mob". Yan Weiwen said: "the Great Wall is not only a symbol of the Chinese nation, but also a symbol of the people’s army! The people across the country to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, as a military literary and art workers to stand on the the Great Wall and the tourists to sing songs is very proud and unforgettable things!" , snow white and Cai Guoqing are in the night before the night from the field back to Beijing, a little home before dawn, four in the morning rushed to the Great Wall to participate in activities. Tong Tiexin and Lv Jihong are the first to participate in the "military flash" activities, two people on the "face to face" zero distance "for the masses in the form of singing, feeling very much in favor of. Tong Tiexin said: "the air force as singing actor, in the national day, with" I love the blue sky of the motherland "sing in lofty the Great Wall, is the first time in my life! Proud of!" Lv Jihong said: "the singing on the Great Wall, very excited and shocked, and ordinary people heart to heart, hand in hand singing feeling very good, then this activity must be one!" Who had participated in 84 years of energy-saving of the players, I heard the Great Wall "song of flash" activities of the news, not bright days go to the Great Wall waiting to witness this exciting moment, a veteran said excitedly: "military art workers in Chinese war years of revolutionary war made great contributions. In times of peace, the majestic song sound, can still be uplifting, morale, spread positive energy!" From Shandong Laiyang sister Liu, usually love to sing songs, she said excitedly: "these troops singer, usually only seen on television today, really did not expect to be at the scene to listen to their singing, also can sing with them. And the selection of songs, also is we often hear, love, sing songs, such as "flash" activities, we are love!" According to the the Great Wall "song of flash" activities of the sponsors, the general director Wei Chenxia)相关的主题文章:

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