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"The history of the place name system continue to force Taobao this moratorium domestic phone card – Beijing new network in Beijing in September 7, (Wu Tao) today, Taobao will no longer sell domestic phone card, this is only for the C2C model, Tmall is not affected. Jingdong, business platform also did not follow this steps. Taobao phone card lock up other business platform does not follow up 7 days after the change, Taobao "Taobao banned goods management standard" formal implementation. Before the change, Taobao lock does not limit the time and discharge time, can not query, called vulnerability card, card, card, group internal test card card or Internet tariff tariff packages and SIM card. After the change to lock up territory Internet operators tariff packages and tariff card or SIM card. In short, the domestic mobile phone number package value-added business completely disappeared from Taobao. In addition, Ali also banned the sale of domestic travel business operators (including domestic virtual operators) all within the territory of the use of the telephone card products, such as IP phone card card, network telephone card, 3G card, 4G card access tariff packages and other new number flow. Overseas operators on the Taobao platform International Card International tariff card sales are not affected, Tmall overseas telephone card business is not affected. Other well-known electronic business platform, Beijing (WeChat public number: cns2012) contacted the Jingdong, such as, as of press time, has not yet received a response. But through its website search, Jingdong, online sales phone card business. Standardize the commodity management of Taobao lock change. Source: Taobao Ali banned only for C2C screenshot mode or for overweight mobile phone real name system for Taobao lock up domestic phone card, Ali relevant staff of Beijing, said, "the ban only based on C2C mode, which is not authorized individual sellers will no longer be allowed to sell phone cards." Many people think that Taobao is to lock up the phone card overweight mobile phone real name system. The Ministry had previously requested, the basic telecommunications companies to ensure that in December 31, 2016 before the enterprise all the phone user name rate reached more than 95%, in June 30, 2017 before all the phone users to achieve the real name registration. This is called the market said the most tight system "the history of Taobao, the revised" standard "Taobao ban merchandise management background, is" the Ministry of industry and information technology on the implementation of the anti terrorism act < > regulations and other laws and regulations to further improve the true identity of the phone user information registration work notice "and other relevant laws the requirements of the regulations. Data chart. Observation: net sales phone card or to prevent the "non real name" but the Internet era, an important mode of network sale is still the phone card sales. Such as Guangzhou Telecom Tmall flagship store, is a single 0 monthly 4G mobile phone card, the monthly sales of the nearest 2000. In addition, virtual operators to sell the phone card is also the main way online sales, including Alibaba’s own virtual operators Ali communications, mainly through the network to sell the phone card. How to implement the real name system for the sale of phone cards? Prior to the sale of telephone network card business to the network table相关的主题文章:

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