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The interpretation of | WeChat in the big money video services for Tencent has more than burn technology Sohu – Sohu Technology Wen Cui Peng Beijing time on November 16th evening, Tencent announced by the end of September 30, 2016 of the third quarter unaudited consolidated results. This is a brisk earnings, revenue 40 billion 388 million yuan, an increase of 52%, net profit of 10 billion 646 million yuan, an increase of 43%. Can not be ignored is that Tencent’s net profit margin and operating profit margins have declined year on year, net profit margin fell from three in the last quarter of to 27%, operating margin decreased from 39% to 36%. The main reason is the sharp increase in revenue and expenditure. Tencent three quarter revenue growth of $69%, reaching $18 billion 560 million, a substantial increase over the previous quarter’s $15 billion 235 million more than $3 billion 300 million, the chain growth rate of more than 20%, an obvious increase in single quarter. By the end of the tour Mobile Games business impact of NetEase three quarter income hyperchromic intelligent mobile phone games revenues 9 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 87% compared with the same period last year. But the main reason for the increase in revenue performance is the increase in the number of games, as well as the focus of the players on the game and role-playing game performance. Mutual entertainment in the implementation of the game boutique strategy, trying to reduce the number of new games, reduce the frequency of new push, trying to follow the NetEase boutique game production and operation of the route. The recent mutual entertainment seems to be somewhat wavering in the implementation of the strategy, the introduction of the number of new games back. Fortunately, ARPU numerical performance Tencent good games, multiplayer games (MMOG) per user contribution revenue for 310-450 yuan, casual games per user revenue contribution to 85-370 yuan per user revenue contribution Mobile Games for 145-155 yuan. Currently in the field of hand travel Tencent also maintained a leading position, the number of active users more than 100 million, hand travel users play an average of two games. But NetEase’s new hand travel is causing a significant impact on the Tencent, the latter three hand travel revenue of $9 billion 900 million in the quarter, compared to Q2 increased by only $300 million. It is worth noting that, once the revenue half of the day, the online game revenue, accounting for 50% of the overall revenue in the Tencent for less than two quarters in a row, the two quarter was 48% in the third quarter fell to 45%. In the game the total income under the background of the rising, revenues continue to decline in the proportion of the Tencent, that other business income is rapidly rising, will also be mentioned below, the effect of advertising revenue and other income in the three quarter of the performance is very brisk. Copyright purchase burn too much WeChat friends advertisers double brand display advertising revenue is still in slow climbing, experienced in the first two quarters after the three quarter slump, mainly by the Tencent of mobile terminal platform (such as Tencent News) this part of the revenue contribution, returned to growth in orbit. But the chain growth of less than 10%, an increase of only about $21%, which also directly pulled down the Tencent network advertising revenue growth. The copyright purchase burned many of the Tencent’s cash, including China’s good voice, Chinese songs and the Brazil olympics.相关的主题文章:

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