The Japanese Army Air Force Intelligence Gathering Chinese mysterious designed by F2 simulation J-10

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The Japanese Army Air Force Intelligence Gathering Chinese mysterious designed by F2 simulation to improve the training of troops against the J-10, all countries have set up a professional blue army, or enemy troops, mainly imitate the potential rival combat style, combat drills and local troops. Japan Air Self Defense Force has a mysterious professional imaginary enemy force – flight teaching team. The birth of the flight training team of Japanese Air Self Defense Force flight training team was founded in 1981, the resident Miyazaki new Tian Yuan base, directly under the air corps headquarters. Is a special force for the training of elite fighter pilots. It does not take off and other emergency air defense mission, only focus on the research of Foreign Air Force fighter air combat tactics, tactics and training methods. Its mission is to provide assistance and support to the daily training of the aviation corps, and to give guidance in technical and tactical aspects". In addition, it is in the annual tactical and technical competition as the imaginary enemy. Note: the figure painting painting standard flight training team used aircraft is different from other air forces, but the Camo everything is the best for over 30 years, the degree of attention to consistent from beginning to end the air self defense force flight training team construction, the best aircraft flight training team, the best pilots with flight training team. The flight training team was founded in 1981, is equipped with 5 T-2 and 2 T-33 trainer aircraft for 1983, increased to 7, 1990 when the F-15J and F-15DJ, is currently equipped with 2 F-15J and 6 F-15DJ fighters. Flight training team pilot selection criteria are very strict, all carefully selected from each fighter pilot aces troops, with rich experience, the flight time is at least more than 1 thousand hours. Note: T-2 trainer flight training team was used to simulate the equipment, before the MIG -21 fighters of the cold war enemy target clear, due to the East camp opposition, and the four northern islands sovereignty dispute, the Soviet Union has acted as the imaginary enemy of the SDF, the main object of imitation is to teach so the flight team of the Soviet air force not only learning, the Soviet air force tactics, also to simulate the Soviet MIG -21 fighter T-2 and T-33 trainer. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, due to the dispute over sovereignty of the four islands in the north, Japan still regard Russia as an opponent, the use of F-15J simulation of the Soviet Union -27 fighter aircraft drill. Note: flight training team equipped F-15J fighter in the fight against the exercise is mainly used to simulate the Su -27 fighter system in recent years, with the China national strength and military growth, about "Chinese threat" in the voice of the Japanese government and the flight team has taught can be heard without end, it will mimic the eye calibration for Chinese air force, the air force is not only to collect China aircraft and equipment data, image and video data, it also uses F-2 and F-15J to simulate combat fighters -10 and fighters -11 fighter combat drills and other forces. Note: flight training team F-15DJ fighter in imitation of foreign equipment, flight training team is also charged with passing air combat tactics, task to popularize new tactics. On the one hand, the flight training team collects data from the operation and training of the foreign air force.相关的主题文章:

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