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The lack of   film suffered intensive and meticulous farming; Waterloo – Finance — hot money into the market lead to impetuous, quantity and quality of domestic film Heisei pain point National Film Fund Office data show that this year the National Archives of the national film box office revenue 1 billion 567 million yuan, 1 billion 850 million yuan more than the record set in 2015 15.3%, appeared for the first time in recent years the National Archives film the box office of negative growth. According to statistics, this summer, the total box office 12 billion 400 million yuan, compared with the same period last year was essentially flat, but the domestic film at the box office total of about $4 billion 700 million, compared with the same period last year, about 3 billion 200 million yuan shrunk by about $7 billion 900 million, down nearly 40%. Industry experts said that the core reason for the box office "Waterloo" is the lack of domestic film plough artisan spirit, this year the domestic production of "phenomenal" sophisticated large extreme lack of. In recent years, a large number of hot money also led to the film market. Capital poured into the film industry in 2014 is a Internet Co with the capital of madness and comprehensively enter the film industry a year before, from the minor to the industrial chain overall layout, Internet Co to enter the film industry. State Press and Publication Administration of radio, film and television data show that in 2014 29 billion 600 million of the box office in by the Internet business platform sales contribution, this figure increased by 60% compared to 2013. Since then, the Internet and electricity supplier network sales, online seat selection mode began to affect the depth of the theater business. Internet economy into the film industry, the first sales to cut the entrance. Domestic 2009 began to rise ‘buy’ website, the first step into the field of film." Liu Jia, the film industry and market research expert, film publisher told the economic information daily reporters. 2014, "comedy" put heart flower road in the National Archives released show, ticketing distributors cooperation and the "cat’s eye" online sales platform, from sales to become Internet Co issued a landmark event. According to "put" heart flower road producer Wang Yibing, the film is in cooperation with the electricity supplier exclusive pre-sale tickets in the "cat’s eye", the first is the expected value of two million tickets sold, about six or seven million yuan of income, finally completed the sale of one hundred and three million of the actual. The "cat’s eye" in "put heart flower road" before the release of the film, help the one hundred million pre-sale at the box office, making the film bursting in the national archives, the final box office revenue 1 billion 164 million yuan, become the biggest winner in the national archives. In this case the significance lies in the "pre-sale mode cat ‘market after actual verification, the achievements of a successful Internet distribution model." Wang Yibing said. China film press deputy editor class into cloud analysis the advantages of the Internet Movie online ticketing website: pre-sale at the box office mode, can estimate the box office prior to; to help share the cinema to the future sales pressure, and even can be arranged all the tickets; also can share certain subsidies and promotion of resources from the online ticketing website. In addition, the traditional film distribution company limited the ability to attract advertising sponsorship, and the Internet can maximize the aggregation of resources, therefore, ‘big + advertising brand sponsorship’ bundled相关的主题文章:

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