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The long march rocket number five in Hainan Wenchang   will fly; science and technology — Beijing 1 September,   in November; (Zhao Zhuqing) reporter from the national defense science and Industry Bureau, the national space agency was informed that in September 1st, China’s largest thrust rocket Long March five sea Nan Wenchang qinglangang arrived safely. After completing a series of assembly and testing work, the rocket will launch its first mission in Wenchang, China, on November. By China satellite Maritime Tracking and control department belongs to Yuanwang 21, 22 ship fleet composed of rocket in August 26th set sail from the port of Tianjin, after 6 days of sailing, has withstood the test of complex environment, arrived in Hainan Wenchang Qinglan port. Subsequently, the rocket will be China Wenchang space launch site by way of road transport, segment delivery to the launch site. According to reports, the long march rocket number five core diameter of 5 meters, 3.35 meters in diameter and bundled 4 boosters, capability will greatly enhance the China space into space. Because of the way that the carrier rocket can not meet the requirements of the 5 meter diameter arrow body, the sea transportation becomes the inevitable choice. From now until the launch of more than two months time, the long march five launch vehicle will launch a series of assembly and testing work in the launch area. According to the plan, the first half of October to complete the rocket subsystem test and matching test, vertical transport to the launch area in late October, in November the implementation of the optional launch. (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章:

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