The man insisted that he won the first prize in the lottery embezzlement of more than 200 new networ jslottery

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The man insisted that he won the first prize in the lottery embezzlement of more than 200 were arrested – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, October 23, (Zhang Gongbo Deng Peixin Liu Xianglin) men’s hobby to buy lottery tickets, two or three pairs of prize, believes he can at first, misappropriation of more than 200 of public funds to buy lottery tickets was crazy. Reporter 23 from Chongqing Jiangjin police was informed that the man was arrested on suspicion of misappropriation of funds. Police said that Tan is an old employee of a company in Jiangjin district. Because of his hard work and outstanding performance, he was promoted to sales leader in 2005. Tan usually likes to buy lottery tickets, especially for double chromosphere, and every lottery ticket he will buy. Tan Mougang started by just taking a chance, buying less money each time. He won two prizes, three prizes and five prizes in the middle of China. After winning hundreds of thousands of dollars, he firmly believed that he could win the first prize, so he bought the lottery crazily. Starting from the first half of last year, he will buy thousands or even 10000 yuan tickets each time. He spent most of his salary on the lottery, and even owed a lot of foreign debt. He wanted to misappropriate the company’s money to buy the lottery. Tan is responsible for selling the company’s products, and often deal directly with customers. When accepting a customer’s purchase price, he repeatedly takes advantage of his position to intercept the bank acceptance draft or cash, which is paid by the customer, and tries to cash out the bill. At the beginning, Tanmou every time only misappropriated about one hundred thousand acceptances, fill with rob Peter to pay Paul way. Later, Tan embezzled more and more funds and embezzled 500 thousand yuan bank acceptance bills at most once. With Tam’s income and later customer payment, it can not be filled. This year 8 month, Tanmou company found the company money been embezzled, Tanmou will be seized and turned over to the public security organs. According to Tan Mou confessed, since June last year, a year he embezzled more than 200 yuan of public funds. Currently, Tan suspicion of misappropriation of funds by the public security organs in accordance with the law to arrest, the case is still under investigation.

男子坚信自己能中一等奖 挪用公款200余万买彩票被捕-中新网   中新网重庆10月23日电 (张功波 邓沛鑫 刘相琳)男子嗜好购买彩票,偶中二、三等奖后,坚信自己能中一等奖,不惜挪用200余万公款疯狂买彩票被发现。记者23日从重庆江津警方获悉,该男子因涉嫌挪用资金罪已被逮捕。   警方介绍称,谭某是江津区某公司一名老员工。由于他工作努力,业绩突出,2005年被公司提升为销售部领导。谭某平时喜欢买彩票,尤其对双色球情有独钟,每期彩票他都必买。谭某刚开始只是碰碰运气,每次买的金额较少。他在中得双色球二等奖一次、三等奖五次,获得奖金几十万元后,坚信自己能中一等奖,于是疯狂地购买彩票。从去年上半年开始,他每期都会买上几千甚至上万元彩票。   谭某工资收入基本都花在彩票上,甚至还欠下了许多外债,他便想挪用公司资金来购买彩票。谭某负责销售公司产品,经常直接和客户打交道。谭某收取客户货款时,多次利用职务之便,截留客户所付货款的银行承兑汇票或现金,想方设法将汇票套现。   刚开始,谭某每次都只挪用十多万承兑汇票,采用拆东墙补西墙的方式填补。后来,谭某挪用资金越来越多,最多一次挪用了50万元银行承兑汇票。凭着谭某的收入和后期客户货款,根本无法填补。   今年8月,谭某所在公司发现公司货款被其挪用后,将谭某扭送至公安机关。据谭某交待,自去年6月以来,一年时间他共挪用公款200余万元。   目前,谭某因涉嫌挪用资金罪被公安机关依法执行逮捕,该案还在进一步查办之中。相关的主题文章:

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