The market price of silver dragons and fishes jumbled together not true hero

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The market price of silver dragons and fishes jumbled together not true hero collection on the market value of the Qing Dynasty in Jilin province made Guangxu bullions. Silver is one of the most important varieties of modern coin collection. Now in the antique market, only the Qing Dynasty, the Northern Government of the dragon in the pattern on the bearded dragon, dragon short to be divided, macrurosaurus etc.. The period of the Republic of China is the largest circulation of silver coins and coin picture of Sun Zhongshan Yuan Shikai’s head. Even Japan, a reporter on the Xi’an market for the dollar to visit the depth. "The dollar price of 630 yuan a specific price, to see the goods." Zhu Shengli, vice president of Xi’an Association of collectors, told reporters. He said the dollar refers to the head of Yuan Shikai silver, also known as "Yuan Datou for antiques". Silver is an important species in numismatics in modern China by machine casting silver, began in eight years Guangxu (1882), when the casting is scarce, so future generations are rare. Thirteen years Guangxu, viceroy Zhang Zhidong played, by the Guangdong Mint cast "dragon ocean", each coin weighing seven money two points, coin face Juan dragon, the dragon is the origin for the ocean. Qing Xuantong two years (1910), the Qing government unified coinage in the central, according to the circular (yuan) as a unit, each seven yuan of money two, known as the "big silver"; Xuantong three years (AD 1911) re tooling, trial in silver coins dragon edition not many there are long, dragon, dragon, dragon, short beard tailed dragon, dragon and anti song shall be signed version of p.. After the revolution, the government of the Republic of China casting Juan silver head of Yuan Shikai, the silver head of Sun Zhongshan and the government of the Republic of China casting Juan, since the cast of two varieties of the largest circulation in silver. After entering the Republic of China, to maintain a parallel currency system of silver, silver, until 1933 two implementation of waste Gaiyuan, only a single silver coins. In 1935 the implementation of currency policy, allowed the use of silver, and silver with legal tender redemption. As the silver coins era has ended. Since then, silver in the market, have been hoarding personal items into the collection, research field. "Fish" may not be "true hero" mixed prices recently, reporters in Xi’an Xiaodongmen Antique City, eight immortals hut antique, antique city, Datang Xishi coin market learned that the silver market is genuine and fake dragons and fishes jumbled together. Asking price of seven hundred or eight hundred yuan, but also asking price of $thirty or forty one thousand. A female flagship store open paper bag, the number of 18 Yuan Datou, asked to go with the goods, more than 600 yuan a. She told reporters. Now the price of more than two or three years ago has fallen a lot, the price of a period of "Yuan Datou" to offer eight hundred or nine hundred yuan. "Family business" shopkeeper Jin Xi, in Xi’an Xiaodongmen antique business miscellaneous, he holds the "Qing Guangxu (seven flat ingot base money two)" asking price 1800 yuan, do not bargain. Business Bodhi, bracelets, turquoise accessories Xiaodongmen antique shop owner Wang direct statement: I am here "Yuan Datou" is a fake, cupronickel do, 50 yuan a. "This antique business, since ancient times is true or not, see your eye. Yuan Datou is my net相关的主题文章:

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