The market prospect and the U.S. interest rate hike worries deutsche bank stocks fell more than 400

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The market prospect and the U.S. interest rate hike worries deutsche bank stocks fell more than 400 points – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in September 30, investors worried about the business prospects of Deutsche Bank intensified, the U.S. economy in the second quarter growth rate increased to 1.4%, the market for Fed rate hike worries warming, the three largest number of U.S. stocks fell completely. 30, Hongkong’s Hang Seng index opened 304 points to 23435 points, then the shock down, dropping to the lowest 23239 points, closed at 23297 points, down 442 points, or 1.86%, turnover of 70 billion 414 million Hong Kong dollar motherboard. On the same day, the blue chip shares near total decline, only China Merchants port bucked up 0.48%. The Bank of East Asia fell 4.11%, the largest decline; China Shenhua and Huarun group followed, respectively, down 4.05% and 4%; the Chinese funded bank shares, Bank fell 3.27%, the industrial and Commercial Bank of China Construction Bank fell 2.8%, down 2.37%, Chinese Bank fell 1.93%, BOC Hongkong fell 0.75%; Tencent holdings fell 2.11%; HSBC Holdings fell 1.72%. State-owned enterprises index fell 2.17%, the red chip index fell 2.21%. Sincere Securities chief executive Shen Zhenying said, investors should maintain a cautious attitude on the market outlook. On the one hand, the big city for Hong Kong stocks through the suspension of trading and the lack of water in North, with Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo Bank, American presidential election and the interest rate uncertainty factors are problems of market performance; on the other hand, a large city in July to September was up nearly 4000 points, the next technology this month will adjust. If the Hang Seng Index fell 23200 points in the short term, will have the opportunity to 22000 point level. Cash asset management director Yao Haoran said that Deutsche Bank event impact will not be great, this is the individual event, only temporarily on Deutsche Bank financial pressure has not been involved in other aspects of the financial system. The current bond returns are still not attracted, so the funds should continue to pursue Hongkong dividend ability of the company, Hong Kong stocks are expected for temporary consolidation situation, in the long-term prospects. (end)相关的主题文章:

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