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The name of the package price for the 40 percent off Wuhan department store counters to try "hand-made" transformation after Wuhan a group of supermarket supermarket to global direct mining, Wuhan another group also began to test the water department cross-border shopping". The National Day holiday, the country’s first light luxury store brand collection line store experience in Wuhan, this marks the Wuhan department store opened "ice journey hand-made" transformation. At present, Wuhan department stores are basically brand agents, distributors and shopping malls in the form of joint sales, brand similarity is the biggest problem. The so-called "hand-made" mall, usually exists in the "small theme Department" format, to shop in the form, in contrast to the traditional department store, it is the foreign retail enterprises way. According to reports, the cross-border purchase by U.S. companies overseas procurement, Hongkong express clearance. "COACH, MICHAELKORS, MARCBYMARCJACBOS package here are sold, the price is about 40 percent off of the domestic counter price, and foreign counter products on-line synchronization." A shopping mall in Wuhan business department responsible person, in addition to light luxury brand stores, the product category from a station of clothing, accessories, luggage items set to Home Furnishing. Daily consumer goods such as Levi’s jeans, enjoy local retail prices. A shopping mall in Wuhan, deputy general Ziqin Bell said, the traditional department stores need to upgrade, as cross-border shopping platform entities online, let the goods visible and tangible, you can try, security, rather than online shopping have better experience. It is reported that, in recent years, NOVO, I.T and CPU department store brands, Thailand retail giant is still under Taiqi boutique department store ZEN hand-made retailers have been in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou city shop enclosure.相关的主题文章:

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