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The network network staff confused two takeaway mutual network advertising – in – out of Jinling Evening News reporter Xu Yun correspondent Huang Shijun network brings people convenience, network has brought us from the confused, chatting on the Internet, some of the affairs of life to take care of the network, a variety of functions, the dispute also more. This does not, there are two recent dispute mediation cases, all with the network related, a network takeaway, a network chat, fortunately, after mediation, finally did not lead to disaster. Two takeaway net staff mutual tearing ads recently, Xuanwu District, the successful mediation of the site staff caused by the vicious competition of personal injury disputes. In June 18th, Wang went to the gate crane Xintiandi ads posted ads. Advertised when Wang found the same with another rival advertising, so his advertising over it. He happened to be the other employees see Ding, Ding Xinsheng anger, Wang Wang will not come back, posting flyers to grab a hand tore, Wang immediately came to the competition, both sides have a dispute, to each other. And then shoving grapple with each other. In the process, Wang felt a terrible pain in his left foot, estimate their injuries, he hastened to call his colleagues to help. The dispute was rushed to the police to stop. Afterwards, the two parties to the board of the people’s mediation station in the warehouse warehouse mediation. Only a small advertising compensation more than 10 thousand listened carefully to the parties the mediator dispute reason and after, the mediator He Chaorong pointed out that the market competition shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations, abide by the occupation morals, respect others, individual behavior norms, practices should not be taken to damage others. We should not resort to violence, affray, violate the law. The dispute is due to Wang in the post advertising, advertising coverage caused by others; Ding maintenance units of interest, but its aggressive behavior, no ground for blame, improper, violence also hurt others, causing serious consequences, shall be liable for compensation. Through the ideological guidance, both parties recognize that wrong behavior and fault of their own end, Wang initiative to reduce the cost of the claim to the other party, Ding also sincerely apologize to each other, and actively take other medical expenses and losses, one-time compensation totaling sixteen thousand yuan, on the spot to Alipay transfer payment, the two sides reached a settlement, and no longer to pursue other responsibilities. Chat caused wounding compensation disputes recently, Liuhe Ge Tong street people’s mediation committee in Ge Tong police station mediation studio together because of the successful mediation of disputes caused by the network chat. Wang a few years ago with her husband Zhao divorce, and later two people together. Wang unwilling to remain out of the limelight via mobile phone WeChat chat with Zhang met, two people chat is two years. Before and after the Spring Festival this year, the two had several relations. After Wang felt his behavior is wrong, so no longer meet with zhang. Zhang then took two people together before indecent photos threatened to give her ex husband Zhao photos. Two the unfair relationship was found after Zhao, Zhao did not solve the problem through the proper channels, but to find five or six people came to the residence of Zhang beat.相关的主题文章:

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