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A new iPhone finally cured when my choice phobia year released a new iPhone I will be very tangled, tangled is me as a hand party, what should I choose which model to help me better daily works. From the beginning of the iPhone6 to 6S, are given to the plus version with optical anti shake. But considering the body size (single hand holding), using scene (low light frequency) and the price of these factors, I finally to the smaller 4.7 inch iPhone6 compromise, of course, the most fundamental reason is that the iPhone6 plus optical anti shake the boost effect and does not impress me directly. Today, iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus finally released, is not an accident, Apple launched a dual camera plus version, like Apple’s previous practice, to better take the hardware configuration of version plus. A simple look at the difference between iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus two phones. The parameters of iPhone7 plus: dual camera, 12 million pixels, wide-angle lens aperture telephoto lens aperture f 1.8, f 2.8, with 2 times optical zoom, and digital zoom 10 times. IPhone7 parameters: single camera, 12 million pixel camera, f aperture of 1.8, up to 5 times digital zoom. The other two parameters are consistent with the specific as follows: the optical image stabilization function, six mirror lens, 4-LED True Tone flash, panorama mode (up to 63 million pixels), sapphire glass lens surface, back illuminated sensor, infrared filter, hybrid autofocus, Focus Focus Pixels Pixels Live, tap to focus Photos (to support the anti shake function), shooting a wide gamut of photos and Live Photos, optimized local tone mapping function, the body and face recognition function, exposure control, noise reduction function, automatic HDR photos, automatic image stabilization function, continuous shooting mode, timing mode, snapshot photo geotagging. Although in many media reports this morning, iPhone7 plus said that due to the adoption of double camera than without adding optical image stabilization, but in the official website of the parameters, we clearly see the two models equipped with OIS optical image stabilization. It is a shot of two shots in the added optical image stabilization, but it is still a wide-angle lens telephoto lens is currently no clear message. If before the optical stabilization is just a small upgrade, then the two cameras to join is a qualitative leap. So this is the only time I did not hesitate to buy a iPhone, resolutely choose iPhone7 version of plus. The future will be the mainstream of the two cameras, optical zoom is currently the United States has a number of mainstream market dual cameras.相关的主题文章:

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