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The next three days, Nanchang minimum temperature low temperature an invigorating autumn climate to 11 DEG C temperature sooner or later there are still people wear a jacket against the cold Nanchang news today Nanchang bid farewell to the cold air, sunshine "posts", bid farewell to the morning haze, the minimum temperature at 11~12 DEG, cold air gradually subsided, today the highest temperature at 18 degrees Celsius Jinxian, low (17 C). Daily economic news reporter learned from the meteorological department was gradually transferred to the southwest air flow, sunny, the temperature continued to rise, but a large temperature difference between morning and evening, the public should pay attention to increase or decrease clothing. In recent days, WeChat circle of friends has been frequently forwarded the temperature drops the news, people have to carry off all that one has, find cotton padded jacket and trousers. At the end of October a "cold air" that the temperature dropped overnight, a feel entered the winter. Who lives in Castle Lake Ms. Liu told reporters that she saw the weather forecast, there will be the recent cool weather, did not expect the day before dawn the wind. "In October 31st, my kitchen and bathroom windows were open. I heard the wind blow and the rain hit the floor." MS Liao said that after getting up in the morning, she obviously felt a lot of cold home. As the temperature drops, people go out to wear thick clothes. In recent days, the weather has been dominated by cloudy rainfall, sunny time is very short. Until today, the sun ‘return’, especially one morning is the sun, plus the breeze, today the feeling is "sunny."." MS Ouyang Honggutan a business work said that this "heating up" directly to everyone back to the spring and autumn days. This morning, the reporter found in the vicinity of Xihu District Fu River Park, many people took advantage of a sunny morning. "It’s so warm today. It’s a pity not to go out for a walk." "Oh, hurry home to wash the quilt, pillow, while the sun came out, take the time out to dry in the sun." People are waiting for the bus Xu said. Specific forecast the next three days on the 3 day: sunny, north wind 2~3, 11~21 C; 4: sunny, north wind 2~3, 12~23 C; 5: sunny, north wind 2~3, 13~25 C; (reporter Wang Xu)相关的主题文章:

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