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The north will welcome a cold air Beijing Liaolu and other places have moderate Haze – Beijing today, the north will welcome a stream of cold air, strong wind cooling area; Beijing Liaoning Shandong and other places have moderate haze, some areas with severe haze this weekend, the air quality will be improved; there is still a strong rain in Hainan the typhoon, "Sally Jia" is on the way. Strong cold air hit North local cooling 12 degrees today, a medium strength cold air from west to east of North China, bringing strong winds cool weather. Among them, the northern part of Xinjiang and the East, northwest, most of Inner Mongolia, North China and Northeast China and other places will have 4 to 8 degrees of cooling, including the northern part of Xinjiang local cooling up to 10 ~ 12 degrees. 16-17, the cold air will arrive in the northeast, when the northeast of the highest and lowest temperatures will fall to close to the same level. Reminder: temperature drop, to add clothes, as long as you do not want the temperature oh! Xinjiang to greet the Urumqi temperature below the freezing point of Xinjiang area is the key area of the impact of this cold air, wind, rain and snow, cooling and dust almost into battle, for Xinjiang, it will be cold air during the second half of this year to the strongest. 14 at night to the morning of 15, the capital city of Urumqi, the minimum temperature will drop to about 0 degrees Celsius, which is the second half of this year, the temperature is low, some areas of the first frost. Affected by this, it is expected today and tomorrow, most of the northern region of Xinjiang will experience the process of rain or snow, snow, snow, snow, or snow, especially along the north side of the Tianshan Mountains will also have a local. Urumqi today will usher in the rain and snow, this will be the largest range of snow in northern Xinjiang since the second half of this year. Reminder: the snow will cause some icy, visibility, slippery road, motorists need to slow down. Beijing heavy pollution days local visibility less than 500 meters before the arrival of cold air, fog and haze in North China, Huang Huai and other places will continue, today, Beijing, northern Tianjin, Eastern Liaoning, southern Shandong and other places have moderate haze, some areas with severe haze. Tomorrow, by cold air and rainfall, the region will gradually dissipate haze. This morning, the Beijing municipal authorities issued a yellow warning of heavy air pollution haze, blue warning, yellow fog warning, Beijing City, about 1 km visibility in the local area, less than 500 meters, the relative humidity of the air is close to saturation. Remind the public to go out wearing masks and other health protection, reduce outdoor sports. Tomorrow, there will be light rain weather in Beijing, a certain role in the removal of pollutants, but the role is limited, after the rain is cool, but there is no obvious North wind". The day after tomorrow, the wind will turn to the north wind, the wind is expected to be two or three in the four level of 16. Reminder: Patients with respiratory diseases as far as possible to go out, when you can go out with a mask; after going out in time to wash your face, gargle, clean up the nasal cavity, remove the body attached to the contaminated residues. Hainan still has the strong rainfall typhoon "Sally Scarlett" near the affected by tropical low pressure and cold air in Hainan yesterday, the strong, much lower heavy rain, heavy rain in the middle east..相关的主题文章:

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